Stuff like that and stuff like that

A double shot of pictures today- the first a man taking a piss outside our house taken by my girllfriend the other night. look closely and you can see his widgy, and number two being a picture of “vampirella” which i did at the bristol comic expo as a freebie, but no-one wanted it and i dont really want it either so i will publish it electronically before i gets binned.


What’s a vegetable’s favourite bridge?

The cuc-HUMBER bridge!

What does the vegetable miss world wish for?

World PEAS!

What single did the vegetable Ini Kamoze release?

Here come the HOT PEPPER!

What single did the vegetable prince release?

little red COURGETTE!


5 thoughts on “Stuff like that and stuff like that

  1. Jemima says:

    here i go:what song did the vegetable Simon and Garfunkel sing?Bridge Aubergine troubled water.Although technically it’s a fruit.But then peas are legumes.What did the vegetable Kylie sing about?I’m Spinach around.What do vegetables watch at 7-30?EastOnions.There’s some biting satire in there somewhere about the pitiful and addictive ‘quality’ of popular entertainment.


  2. mick says:

    You just read her puns!Only jesting.What single did the vegetable John Lennon (/Lemon?)release?Give PEAS a chance!What’s a lettuce’s favourite Def Leppard (/Lemon?) single?Rocket!Who’s a vegetable’s favourite opera singer?Lesley CARROT!(These jokes all seem to be about music, as well, for some reason.)The Vampirella pic is ace!


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