I’m on a bit of a drive to raise the profile of the Banal Pig brand (and of course to sell a few more comics), and my own profile in comic terms. i often find that when people see the comics they like them, but getting people to take the first step and actually pick them up and look is a problem. this is most evident at comic shows, and it is a bizarre psychological thing that goes on, where the creator of the thing is sat there eagerly anticipating a sale, usually desperation in the eyes, and the buyer (usually at least partly nerdy) does not want to hurt the creators feelings, so instead of reading and saying “no thanks”, they stay away altogether- this can also lead to the “pity buy”- where you dont like the comic, but a mixture of pity and some kind of loyalty to the uk small press scene makes you buy the cheapest thing, only to read half of it with no enjoyment and recycle it when you get home.
i wonder how many pity buys i’ve had? please email me if you’ve bought one of my comics and then binned it.
anyway the point is that if people know what they’re getting (i.e. quality laffs) they have no problem approaching the stall in a relaxed manner. in any other country to have all these creators in one place would be quite exciting.


if you are reading this blog and you like my work, please email me or approach me at the comic expos. i dont mind if you dont buy anything, NO OBLIGATION, NO EYE CONTACT, but if you do want a comic or if you’re influential, remember:


*my new slogan, either that or “HISTORY’S FINEST RECORDED SMALL PRESS COMICS”

3 thoughts on “Promotions

  1. Jemima says:

    I pity-bought BP2One of my better decisions. It changed my fucking life! Just reading it, that is.You are a genius. Tell the disbelievers that. You want I should sit on your table shouting out how great BP is?


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