A few things i feel inclined to document today. Gareth (Man Man) Van Brookes tells me that Gosh! in London have sold out of Banal Pig 3’s and are happy to take some more.This is good news as last time i sold all but one of BP’s 1 & 2 which meant they wouldnt take any more. They’re also taking some anthologies so if you’re a smoke dweller pop down and check it out.

In other news, i read Alan Moore’s Watchmen this week, which i found to be excellent. As i have mentioned in previous posts i am naive to the conventional comics world (dc and marvel et al) and before i actually started making comics i had read very little and this being oft-mentioned i thought i should read it. It was a christmas present from my sister which arrived on Monday (yeah, cheers sis). What i like about Moore’s writing (and i think the same is true of HG Wells) is that he assumes the reader is intelligent and there is no flab explaining to idiots whats going on. very anti-hollywood, no easy answers, everything isnt black and white. the drawings are great as well.

I’m also cracking on with Ethel Sparrowhawk, and have started inking some bits (although its not all pencilled yet), so hopefully there will be a few glimpses of finished pages soon. i think im alright for time, ive got about 6 weeks, 10 days of which i’m off work for, but i’m doing this victorian horror story, plus Jolly Bear and Fun Coconut Summer Special number 2 is roughed out, and all being well will also be ready for Brizzle, as we moronic west country folk call it. This features another excellent verse by Gareth and is as dark as a piece of ebony in sunglasses drinking a pint of guiness at midnight.

Take care, love you, bye x

2 thoughts on “Selling,Watchmen,Drawing

  1. mick says:

    Good to hear BP3 is doing well. Watchmen is a fantastic book, but it’s soon to be ruined by Hollywood (Tom Cruise was in talks to play Ozymandias, but he turned it down. Phew!), but I found that the second time I read it, a few years later, it was even better, as there’s stuff hidden in the backgrounds that relate to later plot points. There’s also the dramatic (at the time) lack of sound effects and thought balloons, the book does all the things How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way said you shouldn’t.


  2. steve says:

    yes, i remember you recommending it. i cant see how they can make it into a film without it being 5 hours long. i wonder if they’ll set it in the 80’s?


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