Well the say hello thing didnt really work did it? i knew it wouldnt.

According to my scientific analysis the comic Ethel Sparrowhawk is 43% finished. Unfortunately, all the pages that are print ready so far are not really suitable as previews so you, the eager consumer will have to wait a few days. I’m off work now til next tuesday, and it’s my birthday on monday so get your presents in the post before 12 today if you havent already. Anyway this holiday is all about binge eating drinking and drawing. Binge!

The pic is Dignity and Impudence that i was on about before, and i’ll post some pictures of my new character, Popexe, and his arch-nemesis Fat Martin someday soon.

p.s. i’ve got broadband now, it’s all gravy!

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  1. Jemima says:

    Well I was going to wish Ethel a happy birthday but now I find myself suspecting it was all a shameful Steve promotion. Oh well, happy birthday, the present’s erm, ah, I ran out of stamps, that’s it! Tell you what, I’ll let you have some stories for free 😉 Joys of the day and that.


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