i bought myself the first Popeye collection by fantagraphics the other day and i thinksk its marvellousk. as it explains in the preface, the animated version that we’re all undoubtedly familiar with is a bastardised version that basically plays out the same story again and again (popeye versus bluto over olive oyl) and removes the charm of the original 30’s strips. there’s no spinach either, he’s brutal without the need for leafy greens, tinned or otherwise, and generally goes round punching everyone whenever he feels like it. it’s really bizarrely funny and i recommend it heartily. ug ug ug toot toot blerp!.

here’s my tribute, popexe, and his nemesis, fat martin, and some other sketchbook stuff. as you can see i just use lined paper in cheapo journals as i think when i’m just freestyling it makes me less precious about committing ideas to paper, and i dont have to worry about the cost of the paper i’m writing on. did i mention i’m as tight as a gnat’s chuff?

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