Fingers In Pies

Hullo pals! At the moment i’m working on a few bits. As well as JBFCSS2, of which you will no doubt be aware, i’m doing something for Monkeys Might Puke aka sleazy Dan Lester’s anthology about Mickey Rourke, if there was a prize for most esoteric comic, that’d win it. i might do some awards.
Also, Jess Bradley is doing an anthology about animals which i’m doing something for, and not to mention the Rok Comics stuff and there’s also a competition to get a comic in the observer which i’m certainly having a crack at (cheers for heads up Oli– that boy’s got his finger on the pulse). there’s also this victorian horror story thing thats been bubbling away for ages that i’ve got to get finished.

Loads o’ tings, ai.

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