more daily pig

i’m quite excited at the moment about doing a newspaper style strip as discussed previously, and i’ve been doing a bit of research into web comics and the like. i have noticed a few things which i intensely dislike about certain strips, and as a result have come up with a few rules about how i am going to do my strip-
1- no geeky referencing of esoteric things (e.g. computer games, the internet in general, obscure films etc)
2- no boring continuous strips- the whole point is that its contained in 3 panels, if a story needs to be continued i’ll do it as one long strip somewhere else
3- no “based on a true story” disclaimers

thats all ive got for now, but i might think of more.

i’m also going to stop moaning about the small press scene, and my terrible lot in life and concentrate on doing my own thing. i cant do anything about people i dont know, and i just need to keep making good entertaining work and see what happens. feel free to give me some shit if you hear me moaning.

peace and love and good vibrations pig lovers!

2 thoughts on “more daily pig

  1. alex says:

    But I began to investigate for the source of this incongruous expression of the solicitude felt during the day, and analysis revealed the connection. The second half of the dream, therefore, represents thoughts concerning the elopement, which belonged to the first half of the underlying latent content; the first half of the dream corresponded with the second half of the latent content, the birth phantasy…


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