JBFCSS2 Preview

yes here he is! a picture from the hotly anticipated Jolly Bear and Fun Coconut Summer Special Number 2, which will be on sale in less than 2 weeks(!) how exciting. I’d better get my arse in gear. same old same old eh? another comic convention, another mad rush to finish. i’m not gonna spoil it, but terrible things happen, as you can see, i’ve done it a bit painty, like.

6 thoughts on “JBFCSS2 Preview

  1. Provisional says:

    looking forward to reading it. Are you going to sell some of the older ones as well? I might make my way up for one of the days, probably the Sunday. I think my mum’s man friend’s son is going…are you going to have a stall? we’d obviously come and say hello!


  2. steve says:

    i certainly will have a stall thanks for asking! every banal pig comic by me and gareth will be on sale (except jbfcss1, which is sold out and never to be reprinted maybe), as well as the trains are mint books, so come and say hello (and bring your pocket money!)!


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