banal pig funnies

so i’m doing alright so far, nearly half way through and i’ve still got enough ideas to keep me going for a week or so. the trouble is, my scanner’s deteriorating so i can only scan in two thirds of the page at a time, which is a bit of a pain in the balls, and if it gets any worse i wont be able to do it. drawing the strips is fairly easy- i do them in my lunch hour at work, but scanning and colouring them when i get home is a bit of a pain, especially when i want to go out on an evening. i keep thinking that i’ll do a few in one go to keep me going, but i can never be arsed, the one you see on a morning is the one i finish the night before, the pixels have only just dried by the time it gets to you.

its an interesting learning experience, and good i think to not be so precious about the strips, just bang them out, and i’m now looking forward to starting BANAL PIG IV- the quest for peace, after this month of strips has finished.

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