not christmas yet

although its a bit pointless to blog about the fact that i’m not really doing anything newsworthy at the moment, here it is anyway. i’ve bought an A3 scanner which i can’t make work, i’m really gay for scrabulous on facebook (feel free to challenge me to a game), and i’m working on banal pig IV- citizens on patrol, which i’m working hard on (hee hee, hard on!) so it’s amazing.

thanks for the fan club suggestions, i will sort that out soon- i’m gonna invest in a badge maker.

dont forget, banal pig artwork for sale- the ideal christmas and other religious festivals present, but why need an excuse?- go on treat yourself- limited stocks remaining!*

*only one of each left, except the one that i’ve sold, and the one i gave away.

6 thoughts on “not christmas yet

  1. Rolling Stock Press says:

    i asked my head teacher at primary school if i could put on Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol as a play. i only had the first scene worked out where myself (Mahoney) and a black friend (Jones) would sit behind a cardboard cut out of an american cop car.she said no.


  2. Rolling Stock Press says:

    i’m thinking…now just go with me here as i’m just jamming…but, what about Sleazy Dan Lester as Zed?i’m Mahoney of course.


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