suggest me happy

hello pig lovers! i am currently making the badges for the many aforementioned fanclub pack. i am currently doing a banal pig one, a man man one, a jolly bear one and a fun coconut one, and an incompetent shark one. does anyone have any other ideas that they’d like to see, and more importantly proudly sport on their breast?

8 thoughts on “suggest me happy

  1. Rolling Stock Press says:

    can you squeeze Feeder and Wife onto one badge? doubt it.or Lickle Bastard and Twatface?I’d pay for an Ugly Mindreader, Cat Dad and Retard Dad.


  2. Mimey says:

    I’d pay money for them all. ALL. I’d really like an Ethel badge that doesn’t fall apart too. (The kids in my class are fascinated by it. Maybe when they’re older they’ll buy a copy!) But I would. Will they be available at The Thing? And can I join can I join can I join??? The fanclub, I mean. Not sure I expressed the desire already. I may have mentioned that I was a fan. Hello.


  3. steve says:

    hello there miss jvs! you are certainly an honorary member, but there’s the facebook group as previously linked. the pack is very nearly ready, and i am going to spend this weekend finishing off my supply of badges with every character i’ve ever done. who’s up for a gay banana badge? anyone?


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