expo funnies

hello my friends

sorry i havent written for a while, i’ve been bear busy. anyway, the bristol con has come and gone, and again was pretty positive. now that we have a few years heritage and have a few returning customers it’s less annoying to have those weird browsers who seem scared to even have a look (although i still think we’d sell more if we could get people to actually have a look at the stuff). anyway i splendid time was had and our messy karaoke was rather fun too. I usually post a picture of the stall but i couldnt be bothered because it always looks pretty much the same- just have a look at the web and mini comix thing photo from march if you’re bothered.

the new addition to this table was the funnies book, a collection of the best of the online funnies with a couple of new ones and some guest ones from oli east, gareth brookes, jess bradley, (sleazy) dan lester and jim medway. it is my first foray into full colour printing and i’m very pleased with it- it would make an excellent addition to anyones toilet reading collection i think. anyway, as soon as i’ve written this i am going to make it available to purchase online so why dont you? be quick though, as it is a signed, limited edition of 50 of which half have already gone. while you’re there, have a good look to make sure you’re not missing any of the other bp comics, and i’m still doing my special free gift offer for the first few purchasers. bargain!

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