it’s over

that’s right, roy orbison, it’s over.

i have finished banal pig 4 and it’s off to the printers. it has been an incredibly long time coming (banal pig 3 came out in december 2006) but i have been doing other stuff as well, and it is 36 pages compared to the previous 28, and each page is crammed with hilariousness. anyway, onwards and upwards, ethel sparrowhawk part 2 is taking shape, there’s a new anthology in the works and i’ll probably do some other stuff that suddenly takes my fancy. i do a lot of my drawing in my lunch hour at work and have felt at a bit of a loss without shit loads to do. i dont know what it is that drives me to work so hard at this (not money or the promise of an amazing job realistically) but i am so into the habit of making comics now i cant help myself, and feel guilty if i dont. i’m not a martyr to the cause you understand, i do have to pay attention to my partner on our days off (because she makes me), and i usually cant be arsed when i get home from work, but all the rest of the time its on the boil, simmering away like a tasty curry.

can you tell i’ve not really got anything to do?

so. ahem. here’s a “treat” for you. a full strip (albeit a small one) from banal pig 4. it’s on its side though so you have to do a bit of work (it made the page go funny otherwise)

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