Fort Bubble

hello my friends!

the long awaited banal pig 4 has now been printed and finished and i am waiting for delivery. it will receive its WORLD PREMIERE at the thought bubble comic festival this coming saturday in leeds. cosplayers get in free, so why not come as your favourite banal pig character- incompetent shark perhaps, or greg feeder? if you are going to come, wear your banal pig badge, as bp fan club members get 50p off banal pig 4, which will be selling for the bargain price of £4.00 (36 pages, colour cover, marvellous) on the day.
if you can’t make it and want to get your grubby mitts on a copy, i’ll be selling it here from next monday if i can get the paypal buttons to work (i havent been able to change the price of the collected issues, so it’s still £5 for the time being if you want to by it).
anyway, i’m very much looking forward to going up leeds, and i’ll sithy if tha lekkin out.

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