hello pals and pig lovers! after last week’s successes at the web and thingy comix ming, i’m down to the last dregs of a few comics which won’t be reprinted, namely Ethel Sparrowhawk, Banal Pig’s Funnies and the Banal Pig Membership Pack. banal pigs funnies is a signed, limited edition of 50 which is a nice full colour book, but if you were to miss out, the strips are for the most part are available online (a few are exclusive to the book), and similarly the membership pack was another limited edition multimedia pack with lots of fun things like a poster and cd, which i think i’m down to the last one of. However, i think if you’ve got £4 burning a hole in your paypal you could do a lot worse than buy the well respected Ethel Sparrowhawk, as myself and Miss Von Schindelberg are currently working on the second part, which should be available for the Leeds Thought Bubble in November. the second part deals with ethel’s family relationships in a bit more detail and she quits her shit job. yay!

Need proof? okay, here’s a few roughs.

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