here’s something i found on the floor a while ago. it might seem at first to be the most inept scrag of lyricism ever to be committed to paper, but when you realise this is actually about the uk banking system it becomes a piece of insightful and biting satire, thus;

(from the point of view of the banker) i fuck wit goons– goons being the uk public and governing bodies

we men(a)ce to society/we above the law/ untouchable– indeed. gordon browns government has done little to curb the irresponsible behaviour of the large banks

like we never had no home/ no parents to teach us write from wrong– of course, the old boy public school network of the bankers means that they were institutionalised and wouldnt have meaningful contact with their parents

dats why we move in circules– tax avoidance etc

just pass on the blunt to new blood– its obvious that the large bonus culture will not be eradicated, and there will always be competetive and ruthless newcomers to the world of banking

really makes you think.

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