Pick up a pig Drawing for Christmas!


awfulbabyHere’s another one of those hare-brained schemes of mine that probably won’t work, nevertheless, i’ll press on. If you or one of your familiars would potentially like a drawing by me* for christmas, why not ask me (via banalpig@googlemail.com) to do a commission. very reasonable rates, and i’ll draw any old crazy shizzle you wish (within reason- no crowds or technical drawing please). Also, don’t forget about my great art giveaway, there’s still quite a bit left and it’s more or less free. Above is an example of my skills, a drawing called “awful baby”.

In summary, this is a one-stop shop for all your present buying needs- don’t leave it too long though- christmas is nearly upon us, the goose is getting fat etc etc

* don’t forget i’ve got a masters in fine art pals, and that’s guaranteed!

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