remix your own untitled cat!

so here’s what i’ve been working on recently (well, a fraction of it anyway). here’s the finished version of the snippet i previewed earlier to be published in a newspaper format comic anthology edited by richard cowdry which by all accounts promises to be a bobby dazzler- more info soon…

i had been working on a similar idea previously to this, an interactive untitled cat strip where the reader could cut out and rearrange the panels and write the dialogue, which also featured untitled ape, but as you can see above i have changed him to a more streamlined handsome version, and as a result won’t be publishing this. HOWEVER, if any pig lovers out there want to have a go at remixing this, please feel free- there are even two spare panels to add whatever you like. As an incentive, i will be prepared to give excellent prizes to the best/ any entrants and i’ll display the results here. if you want a higher res version to play with, email me at Go on, have a go- get your crayons out, and i’ll see you next time.

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