In October 2005, the first copies of Banal Pig Comic number 1 were published and thus, an empire was started in earnest. Here I stand 5 short years later, standing on the threshold of my domain, weighed down with the burden of my achievements etc etc bullshit.

Anyways, i thought it would be nice to celebrate this anniversary somehow, but i havent decided how yet. it would be nice to see photos of people with their copies of banal pig, and i think i will make a special fan club anniversary special souvenir to give away to true fans, the pig lovers. I’ll probably do some discounts on comics too. I’d like your suggestions please on how to make this “special”, although please bear in mind ive got to finish my comic for thought bubble so it cant be too labour intensive.

I’ll probably do another post soon about my experiences over these 5 years, but until then, thanks to everyone who’s supported me by buying a comic or helping out with advice, or bought me a drink or anything.

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