it’s all go here at bphq and i’ll tell you why. firstly, i’ve posted page one of untitled ape’s epic adventure chapter two, and will be back to weekly posts (apart from when i go on holiday in two weeks) for the foreseeable.
as previously mentioned, chris sandwich is finished and is doing good business, so don’t forget to pick one up if you haven’t already- i dropped some in at OK Comics in Leeds, and they should be available at Orbital Comics in London now, and if not now, soon enough.
also brand new, the comix reader issue 2 is also hot off the presses, undoubtedly the best quid (yes, just a quid) you can spend on comics at the moment, another editorial triumph by Richard Cowdry, more details here.

lastly, comical animal, issue 4 is also just been made available online, and i’ve done something for it, the pun lovers guide to the british coastline. you pig lovers will know that i love a good pun, but unfortunately i couldn’t think of any good ones, so there’s seventeen ropey ones on there for you to spot. Richard Bruton has said nice things about it on the FP blog, and hopefully it will take off and be a success for good old Jim Medway.

p.s. the ghosts pic was an unfinished thing i was doing for the zine in a day at the IAPF the other week, i didnt have time to get it done before it went to print. never mind eh?

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