best of the work doodles- oct 2011


apologies for the relative lack of any proper content on here recently, i have been moving house and allsorts. as if to provide a weedy consolation, here’s some of the best doodles from the last few weeks at work. i like to mix it up with 2 or 3 biros to keep things interesting. i did the top one today, and he was just a funny nude man until the addition of the straw hat which turned him into a sympathetic castaway character. maybe there’s a little narrative there? the middle one i call “tense elephant”- i draw a lot of octopi (yes i went there) and elephants, i find them satisfying. lastly, there’s this nice log man. he is possibly reminiscent of something that exists, let me know if you can identify what…

i solemnly swear that i will restart untitled ape’s epic adventure again this week and will at least pop a couple out before thought bubble. i’m ready to get back drawing, might even start tonight.

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