COMPETITION TIME- win a drawing! also, please buy some products….

Hello friends and pig lovers! Hope you are well, happy new year and all that.

I left my office job yesterday, which means i am now officially a full-time artist. Easy. The only trouble is I need to actually make some money in order to not die of starvation or humiliation. That sounds awful, what, i hear you ask, can I do to help? Well dear friends, charity begins at home, every little helps etc etc so if you have enjoyed my comics or drawings in the past, why not buy another comic or commission some artwork off me?

Specifically, I’ll do you a sweet 1-hour drawing for £2o, anything you like (within reason and the law) what about that? George Orwell riding a flamingo? Easy! Some cartoon character that you like fighting another one? You got it! Drawing fast is one of the skills in my portfolio, why not take advantage? Now, I realise that i don’t necessarily have any examples to show as i have just thought of it, so to demonstrate my capabilities i’m willing to throw it open to the floor/ internet; suggest a subject to me, leave a comment here, email or tweet @banalpig by 6pm on saturday evening (edit: i’ve extended the deadline a bit) and the idea i like best will WIN THAT DRAWING! Gravy!

Watch this space for even more requests for money…

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