Alphabetical Animals & Illustration

Yet more things cracking at Banal Pig HQ (2-bedroomed terrace), which i will detail forthwith. Firstly, last friday the 7th installment of Comical Animal was published, and I contributed again, producing the first three rhyming animals from a full A-Z which i intend to do, plus a bonus pink panther for this issue’s theme. The A-Z is a bit of an illustrative exercise, and while the first 2 are ok, i think i’ve hit my stride with ‘C’, Football Coach Cockroach:

The image is taken from the film Kes (although i’m not sure if Brian Glover ever says “Kick it Lad!”, its the kind of thing his character would say) and i’m happy with the really grim colours and atmosphere, like a really horrible PE lesson.
I’ve also scanned this pic (in 4 pieces, grooo!) which you may remember from two posts ago, and fancied it up a bit:

I may well make this into another poster print for LACF4.
Even furthermore, the new Comix Reader, issue 3 was also launched last week, here’s a snippet from my effort (page 16);

It’s a bit of an experiment with watercolour, and a follow on from the full page thing from issue 2. i’ve yet to see what it looks like on the newsprint, hopefully the colour’s not too muddy. I wanted to do a bit of real colour (rather than digital) so i actually had a physical artwork and not just a digital version, but i had to chop this to pieces to scan it, and i had a yellow gouache accident which kind of ruined it anyway. It’s not put me off entirely though, probably do a few more things with that technique i mentioned previously.

I’ve got an AOI Illustration page now too, with a couple of things that you may not have seen before, and all this is before Leeds Alternative Comics Fair 4 news, which i will save for another day….

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