Football and Jolly Bear

I like football, it’s like life- lots of disappointment punctuated by fleeting moments of excitement which you probably missed or couldn’t afford. Anyway, here’s a picture of Roy Hodgson i did for the football blog Flaming Hairdryer, he’s taking his three little lions for a walk.

Elsewhere, there’s still a bit of FREE ART available so don’t be shy, and i’m working on the Jolly Bear story for Banal Pig 5. Preview? go on then (caution, some blue language!)….

This continues from the end of Banal Pig 4 and sees Jolly Bear’s sunny disposition destroyed by the unfortunate circumstances around him. Can Hairy Feller and Fun Coconut help him restore his happy outlook or will they just make it worse? Find out, when I finish and publish banal pig 5 in the next year or two….

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