Newzround- Hallowe’en Special

Compliments of the season to you bargain hunters pig lovers, hope you are well.

Firstly, inkeeping with a hallowe’en theme, here’s my zombified twitter profile pic (everyone’s doing it you know) and as it’s only small over there, i thought i’d display it here in all its glory.
What else? Oh yeah, here’s an excerpt from a piece i did for the next OFF Life comic,  hopefully they’ll use it. it’s another multi-panel job, incorporating another view of the Schwarzwald and a monster, like i’ve been messing about with recently.

Also, i’ve put some digital comics on Comicsy, to see how that goes, it’s a new venture that will hopefully create a bit of interest in UK Small Press, so check it out if you haven’t already. I’ve got a PDF version of Chris Sandwich on there, which isn’t available anywhere else!

Otherwise, i’m still building up to going back to work, but no-one seems to want to employ me somehow, and there’s been talk of a third Ethel Sparrowhawk story, which will probably appear in webcomic form.

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