NEWSROUNDDDD- Black Project, Vampires & Custard

Sorry! It’s been a long time since my last post hasn’t it? I’ve been putting (mostly old) stuff on my tumblr, so you should be looking there if you’re desperate for a BP fix, but here’s a few new and current affairs for you.

Firstly, I have to mention banal-pig-vice-president-done-good Gareth Brookes’ first book has been published by Myriad Editions, and a cracker it is too. It’s called The Black Project, and is like no other graphic novel you’ve seen before, painstakingly crafted as it is from an assemblage of linocuts, embroidery and written text.
Needless to say, I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s the amazon page, but you should buy it from a proper book or comic shop if you can…

Nextly, here’s my latest one-hour drawing (actually a 2 and a half hour drawing because of all the elements in it). It was commissioned as a gift so included a load of the things the giftee enjoyed, like Poirot, Labyrinth, vampires, piano lessons and so on and so on.
I’m pretty pleased with it, and as usual always open for similar things, more details here, or email me ( for specifics…

Lastly, here’s another preview of a thing I’m working on, tales of a place called Baked Alaska, and the trials and tribulations of its inhabitants…

Thanks for looking, let’s not leave it so long next time, eh?

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