Commission! A One-Hour Drawing!

Below are some examples of the kind of thing you could get if you commission a one-hour drawing from me for just £25! The Shadow, Falcor (the dog dragony-thing off Neverending Story), a Taco dancing with a Steak, Incompetent Shark, and banal pig and banal pig junior going caving are amongst previous commissions but feel free to suggest anything you like, and I’ll knock something nice out for you.








It’s all done with archival quality materials- usually in pen, but I could do a nice coloured pencil one if you prefer (or even pen with a bit of coloured pencil, see examples above) and the price includes p&p. If you want something more involved, just let me know and we can work out a price based on how long it will take. I should be able to get it done and sent out within two weeks (usually though I can do it a lot quicker, it only takes an hour after all). Don’t forget to tell me your theme or subject, you can email me at if you want to discuss it before you make the purchase.


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