Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure is back!

I’ve decided to catch up with our old pals Untitled Ape and Untitled Cat (yes, I know they’re stupid names that don’t make sense, but it’s happened now) and finally get back on with their story, Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure.
I’m probably going back to working for the man for a bit pretty soon (unless anybody wants to donate a load of cash to me), so I’m gonna bash out as many pages as I can before then. Please check it out if you haven’t already, tell your friends, and let me know what you think.

Newzround- Banal Pig 5 Previews

‘Sup pig lovers? As usual, i’ve got a few things on the boil at the moment- Space Wars, a top secret 4 page full colour strip and Banal Pig 5 (as well as Untitled Ape’s Untitled Adventure, which I get round to when I can), none of which I can afford to print at the moment, but maybe one day. On that subject, I might well have to go back to working for The Man fairly soon as buying a house and earning virtually no money are not very compatible, and we’re buying a house. Anyway, here’s some panels from Banal Pig 5:

They are previews from Fez Man, Irate Robot and Jolly Bear in various states of completeness, i’ve currently got about 12 pages on the go from BP5, but i’ve got a good idea of the shape of the whole thing, which will be a bit different from previous banal pigs as it has an central story arc running through all the strips.

More newz soon, please feel free to commission something or buy stuff from me in the meantime (apologies for these pathetic requests for money, hopefully things will pick up soon and i will regain my dignity).

p.s. not many Star Wars prints left, get yours now if you want one.

p.p.s. sorry again


onion peter painting

i’ve been thinking about doing a proper story about onion peter as a lot of people have told me they like the character, so i started doing a little drawing on the computer. the background made it look a bit like a dodgy oil painting, so i made it look more like one.

newz round

well, time moves along and i keep on drawing silly things. i have now finished chapter one of untitled ape’s epic adventure so now would be the ideal time to catch up if you need/ want to.
now that’s done, i’m gonna take a few weeks off before starting chapter 2, and work on my page for The Comix Reader issue 2, and i’m considering doing a minicomic for the alternative press fair. I’m also slowly beginning to get stuff together for the long-awaited follow up to Manly Boys, Comely Girls which i’m working on with Gareth Van Brookes.

whilst on the subject of webcomics, my old pal Hugh “Shug” Raine is also doing a weekly ongoing story in a similar vein to mine, By ‘eck!

chapter 1 begins!

another gentle reminder that every sunday* there will be a new page of untitled ape’s epic adventure over on banal pig funnies. unless something major happens, i won’t mention this again. you’re on your own now.

*unless i’ve got better things to do

Ah! New look!

That’r right pals, i’m changing up the look of this blog as i’m bored with it. i’m gonna continue to fiddle with it for a bit, but why not look at banal pig’s funnies which is more or less sorted- i changed it to incorporate my forthcoming webcomic (that’s right) which will begin in January! OMG!

newz- post 246

hello pals!

i’m doing a few interesting bits and pieces at the moment- i’ve finished the much-mentioned mr wobbles/tie strip (and movie?) but i’m not gonna show you that until it’s put up on the website i did it for.  i’m working on a 40-panel full colour untitled cat strip which will be printed in a newspaper format, again i’ll have to wait to reveal the full details, but some things i can show you are a new lovely lads over on banal pig funnies which was premiered over on the fix online. i’m putting a funnie up on there every wednesday, some will be new, some will be “classics” from the “archive”, so keep an eye on it, there’s plenty of other good stuff on there too.
Also, in case you haven’t spotted it, there’s a picture of a chihuahua over on the banal pig illustration blog. i’m also currently colouring a picture i did of everyone’s fave, chiffo the bear at home with his family.

i’m excited by all this stuff i’m doing, but somehow it’s not forming itself into a comic easily, so i’m thinking aboout doing a publication that’s a slightly different format to the usual- i seem to have a lot of ideas that don’t fit into the template of banal pig comics- so i’m mulling that over. what you up to?