Girl’s Love Stories #7 Covered, For Sale!

Here’s my latest submission for the excellent Covered blog, my fifth one, but the first done in coloured pencil (see them all here). The below image is the original version, it’s A3, two sheets of A4 taped together for the convenience of scanning, and you can see the pencil has rubbed the sellotape a bit, but i don’t think it takes away from the image that much (i did photoshop it out for the covered version though). The pic was something a bit different as i was getting a bit bogged down in black and white inking stuff, and i’m pretty happy with it, i do like a bit of coloured pencil action, although it’s a bastard to scan in and get the colour balance right.

Anyway, it’s served its purpose now, so I’d be willing to let it go for the bargain price of £50. Email me at if you’re interested.

Covered, etc

in the spirit of the previous posts, here’s another black and white drawing for you, posted here as i like it in black and white, but perhaps lacks a bit of pizazz next to the full colour original. The good news is you can view it in glorious colour over on the magnificent covered blog, where i used a 64-colour cmyk comic colouring grid that i got from somewhere, and it seems that it matches the original pretty well, so i’m gonna use it again to colour my upcoming poster for the 4th Leeds Alternative comics fair, details to follow very soon. I’m also working on an ingenious folding minicomic for LACF4, so i’ll keep you posted on that too.
Elsewhere, i’m back on with Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure and as i’ve got more time in my recently acquired freelance status (gizza job/ some money/ buy a comic or a drawing) and i’m aiming to finish it and hopefully get it published this year, which may be a pipedream as its probably a third of the way through, and it took me a year to get this far, but we’ll see. What’s this blog for if not for me to be hopelessly inaccurate in predicting what i’m doing next?

fat charlie brown

here’s the line art version of my latest submission for the excellent covered blog, a peanuts cover. i had an idea for a giant obese charlie brown as a character, and this may happen one day. until then, click the link to see this in marvellous full colour!