Another New Drawing

I’m into a bit of everything at the moment, and here’s another drawing with my trusty Pentel brush pen (just a photo rather than a scan as its pretty big, just over A3). It’s based on one of my favourite song lyrics, from ‘These Days’ by Nico and again i’m trying to get a bit of depth into the drawings and concentrate on the whole picture rather than just the characters. There’s things about it that i can improve upon i think, but i like the woodcut/etching style you get with the thick black lines, and i like the monster so i’m pretty pleased with it overall.

One hour drawing, Falcor!

I’ve updated my Buy a One-Hour Drawing page, to feature a couple more of the ones i’ve done recently. This was a Valentine’s Day present (good work Johnny Loveheart) and features that ugly weird dog dragon thing off Neverending Story, Falcor. Feel free to commission something similar, don’t forget I am as poor as a church mouse, and a small donation would allow me to buy some cabbage to flavour my thin broth…

Another experiment with onion peter

Here’s something i’ve just had a go at- doing the line art and watercolour rendering separately and then combining them in photoshop, to get round the problem of keeping nice black lines on hand coloured work. i did it by scanning in the line art, then printing it out in light blue, painting over the print and scanning that back in. i think it looks ok, and i can iron out the issues with the ghosting of the line and the wrinklyness at the same time by using thicker paper. not sure i’ll use it all the time, especially on full strips, but it may come in useful at some point. if i was being really wanky, i could do a really thin line art, then print and colour, then draw thick line art over the thin lines and rescan.

Johnny Loveheart Sez…

“Why not buy a 1-hour drawing for your loved one in time for Valentine’s Day?”

Good Idea Johnny! Click here, tell me what you want in the next week or so and make the most romantic gesture since Pierre Curie gave Marie Curie a glow-in-the-dark uranium loveheart…


Hello Friends, just a quick update for youse.

After nearly two weeks of messing about with it, I have now completely refurbished the banal pig illustration website, previously the poor relation of the banal pig franchise, now user friendly and attractive with new work added that you may not have seen before…

Secondly, untold congratulations to my partner in crime Gareth Brookes for winning the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel competition for The Black Project , details here. Gareth is currently in Australia or New Zealand or sutin for the next 6 months so you’re probably better going to gosh or orbital in london if you want one.

Thirdly, don’t forget about my animal portrait business for all your pictures of animal needs.

Fourthly, i’m doing a bit of experimenting with drawing and that, results to follow, but above is something i did recently with gouache and ink. i’m regretting doing it on really thin blue-tinged paper, but never mind… Still not really making anything that looks like a comic at the moment, but when i do, you’d better watch out!

COMPETITION TIME- win a drawing! also, please buy some products….

Hello friends and pig lovers! Hope you are well, happy new year and all that.

I left my office job yesterday, which means i am now officially a full-time artist. Easy. The only trouble is I need to actually make some money in order to not die of starvation or humiliation. That sounds awful, what, i hear you ask, can I do to help? Well dear friends, charity begins at home, every little helps etc etc so if you have enjoyed my comics or drawings in the past, why not buy another comic or commission some artwork off me?

Specifically, I’ll do you a sweet 1-hour drawing for £2o, anything you like (within reason and the law) what about that? George Orwell riding a flamingo? Easy! Some cartoon character that you like fighting another one? You got it! Drawing fast is one of the skills in my portfolio, why not take advantage? Now, I realise that i don’t necessarily have any examples to show as i have just thought of it, so to demonstrate my capabilities i’m willing to throw it open to the floor/ internet; suggest a subject to me, leave a comment here, email or tweet @banalpig by 6pm on saturday evening (edit: i’ve extended the deadline a bit) and the idea i like best will WIN THAT DRAWING! Gravy!

Watch this space for even more requests for money…