More Original Art for Sale!

That’s right, have a look here for your opportunity to own some of the most ‘iconic’ banal pig pages in their original form, all at extremely reasonable prices. There’s some watercolour and ink wash paintings available, but the majority of the work is pen on paper from the first four banal pig comics. The linework and hatching is a lot more nuanced and detailed in the flesh, as you lose a bit of depth during the scanning and printing, and the ivory paper makes them look real nice too. Please check them out, there’s the first Feeder and Wife page, the infamous “I wish I was dead” Ugly Mindreader page, plus Banal Pig, Jolly Bear, Fez Man and lots more…

Newzround- Banal Pig 5 Previews

‘Sup pig lovers? As usual, i’ve got a few things on the boil at the moment- Space Wars, a top secret 4 page full colour strip and Banal Pig 5 (as well as Untitled Ape’s Untitled Adventure, which I get round to when I can), none of which I can afford to print at the moment, but maybe one day. On that subject, I might well have to go back to working for The Man fairly soon as buying a house and earning virtually no money are not very compatible, and we’re buying a house. Anyway, here’s some panels from Banal Pig 5:

They are previews from Fez Man, Irate Robot and Jolly Bear in various states of completeness, i’ve currently got about 12 pages on the go from BP5, but i’ve got a good idea of the shape of the whole thing, which will be a bit different from previous banal pigs as it has an central story arc running through all the strips.

More newz soon, please feel free to commission something or buy stuff from me in the meantime (apologies for these pathetic requests for money, hopefully things will pick up soon and i will regain my dignity).

p.s. not many Star Wars prints left, get yours now if you want one.

p.p.s. sorry again


fez man

so this is the “real”- fez man (i say real, i dont think fez man was his actual name). it’s from a slide i found in a massive box that i bought from a house clearance shop in leyton, east london about 5 or 6 years ago. i did a few paintings of this fella on my masters degree and had it in mind to do a narrative about him and his family after my masters finished. it was a few years later when i started doing comics and he was obviously still on my mind as he crept into the first banal pig. of course, my fez man has no family and wears a red fez, so they’re not exactly the same.