hell preview

here’s a little snippet of the page i’m working on which will be next sunday’s page of untitled ape’s epic adventure. i’ve had a lot of fun drawing this and rehashing various paintings of hell, particularly the one by heironimous bosch. keep your eye on banal pig funnnies for the latest episode every* sunday.
*i do my best, there will be a new post for the next 2 sundays at least…

Chris Sandwich finished!

chris sandwich is all done and off to the printers, so all being well, it will be available for the International Alternative Press Festival on the 28th May! I’m probably going to also sell it as a print quality pdf for a nominal fee (less than a quid) in an experiment to see if there’s a market for that- i won’t hold my breath….
couple of weeks of light drawing now i think, and then back on with untitled ape’s epic adventure, chapter two!

Ah! New look!

That’r right pals, i’m changing up the look of this blog as i’m bored with it. i’m gonna continue to fiddle with it for a bit, but why not look at banal pig’s funnies which is more or less sorted- i changed it to incorporate my forthcoming webcomic (that’s right) which will begin in January! OMG!

ugly monkeys preview/ christmas presents

why is this golden snub-nosed monkey so sad? find out on friday with the first installment of comical animal, jim medway’s new family friendly comics venture, launching friday 3rd december! this a preview from my strip ugly monkeys, but there promises to be lots of great stuff from all those uk creators you know and love so well…

elsewhere, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your banal pig loving friend or family member, why not commission me to do a drawing, or buy a piece of original art from one of the bp comics?- they look great in a frame on any wall surface. as usual, email me at banalpig@googlemail.com for details, great value guaranteed, but don’t delay, only 3 and a bit weeks til xmas!


so thought bubble was last saturday, and what a fine time it was! now that i live in leeds and there are zero overheads, it was quite the profitable experience as a vendor, and also good to see all the old faces- shout out to U Raine, Ben Clark, Lando and of course banal pig vice president, Gareth Van Brookes.

here’s a view of my plain display (maybe i should jazz it up one of these days?). As usual, many thanks to everyone who came and bought stuff or chatted, and well done to clark, lisa and everyone else who was organising- job was a good’un.

There was also a pleasant surprise at Thought Bubble as Gareth had got hold of some of the first copies of the comix reader, a fantastic 24 page newspaper anthology of comics in colour, featuring myself, and a plethora of excellent small pressers, all of which you should know about- check the links on the website for more info.

Here’s the cover by Richard Cowdry, who has also edited and compiled it, and done a great job, and the information on the cover is not fooling, this is available for just £1! it’ll be available from the website soon, ive got a couple, or they’re in stock at OK Comics in Leeds.

Speaking of which, i also put some copies of Banal Pigs’ Showcase in OK Comics, so get ’em while they’re hot.

Even more information and pictures to follow….

it’s still in its planning stages, but here’s a sketch idea for my next book. it will feature an epic journey by untitled cat and untitled ape across untold sublime landscapes and so far my research has included giant salmon, woolly mammoths, noah’s ark, the flooding of paris and the mississippi and will probably also have a yeti, an axolotl, a jumbo jet a rainforest and a castle, and maybe the underworld. this is one of those things that i will probably look back and laugh at as the finished book may well have none of the above in it. we’ll see.

also in the works is a long-awaited follow up to manly boys, comely girls which will be the same sort of thing as manly boys, only for girls. Me and Gareth were discussing it at the weekend and hopefully it will see the light of day in the spring/summer, although this may be a bit ambitious, we’ll see about this as well.

lastly, don’t forget to send me a picture of yoursen with a banal pig comic, to win a prize!

bp showcase previews!

so, here’s 3 panels from the forthcoming banal pig’s showcase comic, which should be available for thought bubble in a little over a month (shit!). i’ve got 13 pages finished as we speak out of 32, but it’ll get there…

top is from chiffo gets involved, middle an american werefox in london, and bottom a new mr wobbles

gary mcmashy preview

here’s another panel from my gary mcmashy strip for my forthcoming publication as previously mentioned. i’m currently enjoying it as i always do at the beginning. it usually works out that the first third of a comic is very enjoyable, the second third ok and the last horrendously hard work. this is because i do all the easy bits first, and usually it needs to be finished for a deadline so i’m stressing out about it. this one should be ok though as it’s a compilation of shorter strips, so i’ll just collect as much as i’ve done a couple of weeks before thought bubble and print that.

elsewhere, ONLY 2 WEEKS TIL THE LEEDS ALTERNATIVE COMICS FAIR!!! so i’m spending quite a bit of time sorting stuff out for that.