Christopher Wren first look!

Yo ho ho! Here’s a little snippet of the new comic i’m working on for the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair on 28th April. I’m trying to get it finished over this easter weekend, and i’m cracking on at the moment with the main page of exposition (it folds out so the pages get bigger as you read through the comic) before the big poster sized reveal (which is pretty much done). And yes, the colours are meant to look like that, i’ve decided to use a limited colour palette of browns and blues, plus yellow for little chris.

Another New Drawing

I’m into a bit of everything at the moment, and here’s another drawing with my trusty Pentel brush pen (just a photo rather than a scan as its pretty big, just over A3). It’s based on one of my favourite song lyrics, from ‘These Days’ by Nico and again i’m trying to get a bit of depth into the drawings and concentrate on the whole picture rather than just the characters. There’s things about it that i can improve upon i think, but i like the woodcut/etching style you get with the thick black lines, and i like the monster so i’m pretty pleased with it overall.

Airwolf- the wolf made of air

Here’s something i stumbled across whilst googling myself, a strip i did a while back for an anthology Paul O’ Connell and Hurk were putting together, Look Out! based on Look In and 80’s TV. I’m not sure that it will ever see print, but they’ve put it online, and so i’ve reposted it in RGB so the colour’s better. Have a look, there’s some good stuff on there.

hell preview

here’s a little snippet of the page i’m working on which will be next sunday’s page of untitled ape’s epic adventure. i’ve had a lot of fun drawing this and rehashing various paintings of hell, particularly the one by heironimous bosch. keep your eye on banal pig funnnies for the latest episode every* sunday.
*i do my best, there will be a new post for the next 2 sundays at least…

Chris Sandwich finished!

chris sandwich is all done and off to the printers, so all being well, it will be available for the International Alternative Press Festival on the 28th May! I’m probably going to also sell it as a print quality pdf for a nominal fee (less than a quid) in an experiment to see if there’s a market for that- i won’t hold my breath….
couple of weeks of light drawing now i think, and then back on with untitled ape’s epic adventure, chapter two!