New Poster & Megabundles!

Hello Pig Lovers!

Firstly, something BRAND NEW, my Street Fighter 2 From Memory Poster, which is available to buy as an A4 or A3 print here:


And you can also get it as part of my Christmas Megabundles deal, where you can have a poster, 2 comics, a sketch and extras for only £12, or 3 comics with lots of extra biz for only a tenner! Here’s a pic, all the details here:


In other major news, Manly Boys and Comely Girls were officially launched by Avery Hill Publishing at Thought Bubble last weekend, which went down really well – thanks to everyone that bought a copy. They look great, and will be IS available to buy from Avery Hill’s website very shortly  NOW!

cgcoverpreview photo 1

NEWZROUND- Comely Girls and Commissions

Good morning!

Things have been quiet round here for a while eh? Well, I’ve been hard at work on A NEW COMIC, that’s right, and it’s nearly finished. It’s the follow up to Manly Boys which came out in 2009, and if you scour the archives no doubt you will see many a mention of this, which myself and my dear old chum Gareth Van Brookes have had in mind for the last five years. It’s called Comely Girls, here’s a few random previews:

cjpreview midwifepreview


As with Manly Boys, it’s a collaboration between me and Gareth, and it’s a pastiche of old girls’ comics, and how they were stupid and ignorant back in the old days (not like the utopian society of today). We should be having a nice reprint of Manly Boys to accompany it, expect full details very soon…

Also, here’s my latest one hour commission:


Have a look here if you want to commission me. I’ve had to put the basic price up to £25, but this is just to cover p&p and that, I’ll do you an extra couple of minutes to make up for it….

Next on the agenda is my monsters comic, which could happen very soon or never so keep your eyes peeled….POOM!


NEWSROUNDDDD- Black Project, Vampires & Custard

Sorry! It’s been a long time since my last post hasn’t it? I’ve been putting (mostly old) stuff on my tumblr, so you should be looking there if you’re desperate for a BP fix, but here’s a few new and current affairs for you.

Firstly, I have to mention banal-pig-vice-president-done-good Gareth Brookes’ first book has been published by Myriad Editions, and a cracker it is too. It’s called The Black Project, and is like no other graphic novel you’ve seen before, painstakingly crafted as it is from an assemblage of linocuts, embroidery and written text.
Needless to say, I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s the amazon page, but you should buy it from a proper book or comic shop if you can…

Nextly, here’s my latest one-hour drawing (actually a 2 and a half hour drawing because of all the elements in it). It was commissioned as a gift so included a load of the things the giftee enjoyed, like Poirot, Labyrinth, vampires, piano lessons and so on and so on.
I’m pretty pleased with it, and as usual always open for similar things, more details here, or email me ( for specifics…

Lastly, here’s another preview of a thing I’m working on, tales of a place called Baked Alaska, and the trials and tribulations of its inhabitants…

Thanks for looking, let’s not leave it so long next time, eh?

NEWZROUND: Laydeez and LACF5!

Hi Pals
Firstly, I want to say thanks for the great response I’ve had to the ‘I Yeti’ strip, I put a lot of work into it so it’s nice to be recognised, even if my moment in the spotlight is now over. I’ll be selling prints of the I, Yeti strip on here very shortly (UPDATE- now available here), and it will also feature in a new comic, more of which to follow…

So, on with the NEWZ:
This coming Monday the 26th November, I will be one of the speakers at the inaugural meeting of the Leeds branch of Laydeez Do Comics (details here), doing a short talk about my comics and co-organising the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair. So if you’re a comics laydee, please come along.

Speaking of LACF it appears I have been remiss in not posting my poster here, so here it is:

All being well, I will be selling a special, very limited edition comic called ‘Banal Pig’s Royal Assortment’ a full-colour collection of new and recent comics including ‘I, Yeti’, a few one-pagers and the all-new strip ‘Vampire Weekend’:

Well, you get the idea of that, I’ll have to get my cheeks in gear to get it finished though, still got to do a cover and that.
Also, if i’ve got time, I’m gonna attempt some linocut christmas cards for your pleasure.

The last thing in my newsfest is that i’m working on the possibilities of a print version of Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure. I’ve pretty much worked out the main story now, which will be six chapters, but there will be a difference between the webcomic and the book as I’m gonna expand the character’s stories and have a few more sub plots weaving their way into the main plot. Here’s a sketch of some of the characters you can expect to see in coming chapters:

This is as much as you’re getting for now, but I’ll keep you posted as things develop, and keep an eye on the webcomic as I’ll still be posting new pages…

Very lastly, please have a look at Banal Pig vice president Gareth Brookes’ blog which he has updated with much gusto in the last few months, and is packed with tasty nuggets of art, comics and books.

Competition Results!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, i’ve been really impressed with the range of fantastic entries. There has to be a winner though, and to jump straight in, the winner is Sadie May (aka @candylikesfrogs) with this pic inspired by the horrible ending to Christopher Wren :

I really liked the way it develops the narrative of the comic, and features a cameo from Albert the tramp, who has now happily been installed with a colostomy bag so he doesn’t piss himself anymore. Congratulations to Sadie, who wins some original art and a nice pack of comics and stuff.
Here’s the rest of the entries in no particular order, who all get some pdf comics as thanks for their efforts.
This slightly intimidating Chris Sandwich is by Phil Maude, who also chucked in a Space Wars colouring book page:

Kent Tayler‘s great credit crunch inspired gag:

Gareth Van Brookes also had a crack (cos i made him), with an embroidered incompetent shark:

Marco ‘Brunez’ Brunello’s cheeky effort:

My homey Hugh Raine also had a go, going a bit obscure with Truculent Strawberry:

And lastly, Andy Lee‘s classic Banal Pig at leisure:

***UPDATE*** A belated, but nonetheless brilliant entry from Ellen Lindner, a wistful Ethel Sparrowhawk:

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

New PDF Comic Shop

I’ve decided to make some of my out-of-print comics available as pdfs for an extremely miniscule fee, including the very well received Ethel Sparrowhawk, which i’ve done a new cover for as the wraparound print cover isnt that punchy when it’s just the front bit (which is possibly my design skills at fault, but it was 5 years ago) and was in boring black and white on grey card, so i’ve jazzed it up a bit, whilst still keeping it melancholy. Likewise with Jolly Bear and Fun Coconut Summer Special where i’ve done a little colouring job on the original cover, which was just line art printed on a peachy card, so i’ve stuck to those kind of colours. Even though it was one of the first comics i did, it’s still one of my favourites and features a great poem by Gareth ‘Gaz Top’ Van Brookes in the first part, and lots of pictures of ‘Basic Instinct’ in part two.

Also available, the Completist comic, collecting anthology and unseen works by myself and Gareth, and the Banal Pig Landscape Anthology, which features the cream of British small press creators including Stephen Collins, Oliver East, Paul O’ Connell and Daniel Locke. The only reason i’m not reprinting this is that its full colour and is really expensive to print, so please check it out. You can buy them all individually, or as a bundle for just £2.50 which is a ridiculous bargain.


Hello Friends, just a quick update for youse.

After nearly two weeks of messing about with it, I have now completely refurbished the banal pig illustration website, previously the poor relation of the banal pig franchise, now user friendly and attractive with new work added that you may not have seen before…

Secondly, untold congratulations to my partner in crime Gareth Brookes for winning the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel competition for The Black Project , details here. Gareth is currently in Australia or New Zealand or sutin for the next 6 months so you’re probably better going to gosh or orbital in london if you want one.

Thirdly, don’t forget about my animal portrait business for all your pictures of animal needs.

Fourthly, i’m doing a bit of experimenting with drawing and that, results to follow, but above is something i did recently with gouache and ink. i’m regretting doing it on really thin blue-tinged paper, but never mind… Still not really making anything that looks like a comic at the moment, but when i do, you’d better watch out!

New for Thought Bubble!

here’s another new poster which, all being well, will be available for thought bubble this weekend. it’s the father of science fiction, HG Wells, riding on a pig. I just thought of it the other day, and i fancied drawing it. Along with this and these I’ll have 5 posters for sale in total, which is a new thing for me really but i’m enjoying doing the big images. Also available will be these fine badges below, representing some of my best loved characters (and chris sandwich). i recommend buying the chris sandwich badge, as it will be the collector’s item of the future due to it’s unpopularity at the time of release.

Of course i will be selling a selection of my comics, plus gareth brookes’ masterwork The Black Project and i will be sharing a table with Hugh Shug Raine, which means you may as well not go to any other stand, but you probably still can if you want…

newz round

well, time moves along and i keep on drawing silly things. i have now finished chapter one of untitled ape’s epic adventure so now would be the ideal time to catch up if you need/ want to.
now that’s done, i’m gonna take a few weeks off before starting chapter 2, and work on my page for The Comix Reader issue 2, and i’m considering doing a minicomic for the alternative press fair. I’m also slowly beginning to get stuff together for the long-awaited follow up to Manly Boys, Comely Girls which i’m working on with Gareth Van Brookes.

whilst on the subject of webcomics, my old pal Hugh “Shug” Raine is also doing a weekly ongoing story in a similar vein to mine, By ‘eck!

Stevo’s Review of the year 2010

Yes, the customary and traditional review of the year by me of the things that I have done, mostly ignoring cultural and social advances in the rest of the world (apologies in advance for loads of text and no pictures). The year started off disruptedly as we upped sticks from Bristol and moved to Leeds, firstly living with my mum and dad before getting our own place. Because of this I was doing bits and pieces, but not really committing to anything resembling a coherent book. As the weeks went on I was mindful of the fact that the web and mini comix thing was looming in march, and as I always like to put out something new for the big cons, I knocked up an office chair dog minicomic, packaged along with a fridge magnet. This sold about as well as a fart in a sock, and the day itself was disappointing, and this was to be the last web & mini comix thing, which went out on a bit of dull note. I always liked doing it, but I think the setup of having quite a high entrance fee which subsidised an overly expensive anthology was a mistake, especially as there are now a lot more similar events which are free to attend (and the anthologies have always been a bit shit). Anyway, it remains to be seen what will fill the gap around easter which the web and mini occupied for quite a few years.
So where are we now? April and May, again I was doing bits and pieces, a Mr Wobbles strip for which would end up in banal pig’s showcase, plus the strip for the comix reader which I was really pleased with and not only ruined the previous untitled cat strip I was doing (because it was similar but a lot better), but it became the basis for 2 pages in bp showcase and the epic tale I will be publishing online as I do it (more of which later…).
I was also trying to dip my toe into illustration work, which hasn’t gone that well so far, (so gizza illustration job) but I was doing drawings that were a bit different to the comic work, so I created an illustration section to display this stuff.
About this time Hugh “Shug” Raine and I did the Bradford Zine Fayre, which was a small event but we did alright, as each person took time to look around each table properly, which just doesn’t happen at bigger events. This cemented this idea with us of putting on a similar comics fair in leeds (also taking onboard the model of the alternative press fair in London) but having a vaguely northern agenda.
So while Me and Hugh were planning the coarser details of the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair, I decided on the format of my next publication, which became banal pig’s showcase. The original idea was to have a bit of prose and full page images mixed with strips, but that was partly because I didn’t have enough strips to fill a comic, but in the end it was quite liberating to start something and just working on it until I had enough stuff to finish it without everything exactly planned out. It was also nice to get back to simple black and white comics with a bit of cross hatching- I did mix it up with a bit of greyscale, but nothing like the scale of Ethel Sparrowhawk’s Terrible Hangover, it was really nice to scan something in and have it print-ready almost immediately.
So, into September and it was our big day, the first Leeds Alternative Comics Fair which was great, and ultimately really easy to organise (see the report here). We’re gonna do another one in spring all being well, so we’ll see if it was beginner’s luck or not.
October was Banal Pig Comics’ 5th anniversary, so I decided to do a few competitions to celebrate/ generate a bit of interest/ waste a bit of my money. I was finishing off bp showcase though, so the competitions waited til after Thought Bubble. It’s strange to think I have been doing this for 5 years, and although I’ve come on loads in terms of skill and presentation (so I reckons anyway), I’ve still not made much of an impact in the wide world, or made any money whatsoever. Maybe i shouldn’t think about it in these terms, after all, if I was in it for the money I’d have jacked it in ages ago, but I would like to have a nice hardback, or something tangible outside of the comics niche market to show for my efforts. I can’t believe that people buy a book by the meerkat off an advert (for £10!) but there’s no money for me. Fair play to whoever does that, but I’d like a bit of that pie. I could probably do with a business manager or something, as I still feel like I’m stabbing away randomly to see what works, but don’t know if I’m giving up too early or wasting my time completely in the first place. Who knows how this works? Give me a ring please.
Good job I’m an optimist eh?
I finished off Banal pig’s Showcase at the beginning of November, and I’m pretty pleased with it, I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and its good to have something new out after a year. This was ready for Thought Bubble– really enjoyed it this year (last years was a bit ruined by the fact I was recovering from food poisoning), sold well and as usual it was well organised and I had a great time with all of my comics chums.
My 5th anniversary celebrations consisted of three competitions which weren’t as popular as I’d hoped, but it was probably worth marking the occasion (wasn’t it?). Maybe I could do a bit more on the internet, Twitter and that but I cant be arsed and my phone doesn’t do it, life’s too short to be kissing arse just to get more followers I reckon.

Anyway, that’s us about up to date, into 2011 I will be publishing my new untitled cat and untitled ape adventure online as I do it. This’ll be a new thing for me, and I think it’ll be interesting to do a linear narrative in chronological order and have a commentary about my working processes as it goes along, especially as I’m not sure of the ending yet or how many pages it will be or whether its in colour or not. We’ll soon see- I intend to start at the end of January and keep going til its done. Hopefully by the time it’s finished I’ll have a publisher and thousands of followers……………….cough…
Also something that will actually see print is the follow up to the best-selling Manly Boys Annual, Comely Girls, which will be more of the same good stuff from myself and Gareth Van Brookes.

As usual, humble thanks for your ongoing support.
kindest regards and fondest best wishes,
Steve xxx