I’m Off

Don’t worry Pig Lovers, i’m not leaving you, I’m Off is the title of this picture, my page from the Comix Reader Issue #3, which has been out for a while now so hopefully contains no spoilers. Issue #4 will be launched in time for the IAPF, but I’m not in it this time round- I’m in the first three though, as are loads of great comic creators, so grab a copy when you see one, each comic is full colour and only £1- CRAZY BARGAIN! Anyway, this is a continuation of sorts from the page i did for issue 2, ‘If Everybody’s Happy Nobody’s Happy’, (also available as a poster here) and uses the same panel grid format, but with this one i did some analogue colouring with watercolour, gouache and pen, done at the beginning of the year back in the period where i was experimenting a bit with media. I’m happy with the results, but always find the scanning process (on my scanner anyway) doesn’t really capture the intricacies of the original, (the blue sky behind the sun has not been picked up for example). It’s something that i’m still undecided on, as digital colour looks better on screen and in reproduction, but you never get the organic feel and happy accidents of hand colouring. Eagle-eyed bp buffs will notice that i’ve used this multi-eyed tentacled beast a few times, as versions of it pop up in the LACF4 Poster and Christopher Wren’s unhappy ending, probably because i like drawing tentacles, not in a japanese porny way though.
I’ve got plenty of copies of Comix Reader #2 & #3 available, and maybe some #1 so stop me and buy one, or email me at banalpig@gmail.com and i can post you one/some, cheap!