More Original Art for Sale!

That’s right, have a look here for your opportunity to own some of the most ‘iconic’ banal pig pages in their original form, all at extremely reasonable prices. There’s some watercolour and ink wash paintings available, but the majority of the work is pen on paper from the first four banal pig comics. The linework and hatching is a lot more nuanced and detailed in the flesh, as you lose a bit of depth during the scanning and printing, and the ivory paper makes them look real nice too. Please check them out, there’s the first Feeder and Wife page, the infamous “I wish I was dead” Ugly Mindreader page, plus Banal Pig, Jolly Bear, Fez Man and lots more…

Newzround- Banal Pig 5 Previews

‘Sup pig lovers? As usual, i’ve got a few things on the boil at the moment- Space Wars, a top secret 4 page full colour strip and Banal Pig 5 (as well as Untitled Ape’s Untitled Adventure, which I get round to when I can), none of which I can afford to print at the moment, but maybe one day. On that subject, I might well have to go back to working for The Man fairly soon as buying a house and earning virtually no money are not very compatible, and we’re buying a house. Anyway, here’s some panels from Banal Pig 5:

They are previews from Fez Man, Irate Robot and Jolly Bear in various states of completeness, i’ve currently got about 12 pages on the go from BP5, but i’ve got a good idea of the shape of the whole thing, which will be a bit different from previous banal pigs as it has an central story arc running through all the strips.

More newz soon, please feel free to commission something or buy stuff from me in the meantime (apologies for these pathetic requests for money, hopefully things will pick up soon and i will regain my dignity).

p.s. not many Star Wars prints left, get yours now if you want one.

p.p.s. sorry again


Football and Jolly Bear

I like football, it’s like life- lots of disappointment punctuated by fleeting moments of excitement which you probably missed or couldn’t afford. Anyway, here’s a picture of Roy Hodgson i did for the football blog Flaming Hairdryer, he’s taking his three little lions for a walk.

Elsewhere, there’s still a bit of FREE ART available so don’t be shy, and i’m working on the Jolly Bear story for Banal Pig 5. Preview? go on then (caution, some blue language!)….

This continues from the end of Banal Pig 4 and sees Jolly Bear’s sunny disposition destroyed by the unfortunate circumstances around him. Can Hairy Feller and Fun Coconut help him restore his happy outlook or will they just make it worse? Find out, when I finish and publish banal pig 5 in the next year or two….

New PDF Comic Shop

I’ve decided to make some of my out-of-print comics available as pdfs for an extremely miniscule fee, including the very well received Ethel Sparrowhawk, which i’ve done a new cover for as the wraparound print cover isnt that punchy when it’s just the front bit (which is possibly my design skills at fault, but it was 5 years ago) and was in boring black and white on grey card, so i’ve jazzed it up a bit, whilst still keeping it melancholy. Likewise with Jolly Bear and Fun Coconut Summer Special where i’ve done a little colouring job on the original cover, which was just line art printed on a peachy card, so i’ve stuck to those kind of colours. Even though it was one of the first comics i did, it’s still one of my favourites and features a great poem by Gareth ‘Gaz Top’ Van Brookes in the first part, and lots of pictures of ‘Basic Instinct’ in part two.

Also available, the Completist comic, collecting anthology and unseen works by myself and Gareth, and the Banal Pig Landscape Anthology, which features the cream of British small press creators including Stephen Collins, Oliver East, Paul O’ Connell and Daniel Locke. The only reason i’m not reprinting this is that its full colour and is really expensive to print, so please check it out. You can buy them all individually, or as a bundle for just £2.50 which is a ridiculous bargain.

jolly bear and fun coconut summer special 1 online!

that’s right! i’m feeling generous this weekend, so here’s some more good stuff for youse. Of course, those pig lovers who were with me from the early days will have a copy (the first 50 were signed and numbered and printed on nice ivory paper), but they have long since sold out. Maybe i (or fantagraphics/top shelf/jonathan cape) will reprint it one day as a collection, but for now i’m juggling keeping about 10 titles in print, so it’s not likely.
I’ve still got plenty of number 2’s in stock, so if you like this, why not buy that?


A few things i feel inclined to document today. Gareth (Man Man) Van Brookes tells me that Gosh! in London have sold out of Banal Pig 3’s and are happy to take some more.This is good news as last time i sold all but one of BP’s 1 & 2 which meant they wouldnt take any more. They’re also taking some anthologies so if you’re a smoke dweller pop down and check it out.

In other news, i read Alan Moore’s Watchmen this week, which i found to be excellent. As i have mentioned in previous posts i am naive to the conventional comics world (dc and marvel et al) and before i actually started making comics i had read very little and this being oft-mentioned i thought i should read it. It was a christmas present from my sister which arrived on Monday (yeah, cheers sis). What i like about Moore’s writing (and i think the same is true of HG Wells) is that he assumes the reader is intelligent and there is no flab explaining to idiots whats going on. very anti-hollywood, no easy answers, everything isnt black and white. the drawings are great as well.

I’m also cracking on with Ethel Sparrowhawk, and have started inking some bits (although its not all pencilled yet), so hopefully there will be a few glimpses of finished pages soon. i think im alright for time, ive got about 6 weeks, 10 days of which i’m off work for, but i’m doing this victorian horror story, plus Jolly Bear and Fun Coconut Summer Special number 2 is roughed out, and all being well will also be ready for Brizzle, as we moronic west country folk call it. This features another excellent verse by Gareth and is as dark as a piece of ebony in sunglasses drinking a pint of guiness at midnight.

Take care, love you, bye x