‘Lucasing’ Untitled Ape


So i’ve been thinking about Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure as a whole, (as you may have noticed from recent posts), and i’ve decided to mess about with it a bit. It was originally created in chronological order, as i was writing and drawing it as i went along but the trouble with this is twofold- 1) the drawings end up being a bit shit as i’ve developed as i’ve gone along, and 2) it doesn’t allow for retrospective changes in the story as a whole, and connections between points in the story that make it satisfying to read.
Ergo, i’ve decided to ‘Lucas’ (i.e. go back in and tinker with a previously released version) some of the bits that stick out as weak and plot and dialogue that makes more sense given that i now know the end of the story. So here’s the first results below, i’ve changed Untitled Ape’s previously rather squat body to a more streamlined version as i’ve come to draw it, and i’ve changed some of the dialogue to make his motivation a bit stronger.
Lucasing- use it in a sentence today!