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Compliments of the season to youse all. Here’s a reminder of the things you can buy from me which are all GOOD PRESENT IDEAS*:


Luxury 2-print set of Graphic Short Story Prize nearly-winner:



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Anything you want (decency laws apply) for £25:


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From Avery Hill:

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NEWZROUND- Comely Girls and Commissions

Good morning!

Things have been quiet round here for a while eh? Well, I’ve been hard at work on A NEW COMIC, that’s right, and it’s nearly finished. It’s the follow up to Manly Boys which came out in 2009, and if you scour the archives no doubt you will see many a mention of this, which myself and my dear old chum Gareth Van Brookes have had in mind for the last five years. It’s called Comely Girls, here’s a few random previews:

cjpreview midwifepreview


As with Manly Boys, it’s a collaboration between me and Gareth, and it’s a pastiche of old girls’ comics, and how they were stupid and ignorant back in the old days (not like the utopian society of today). We should be having a nice reprint of Manly Boys to accompany it, expect full details very soon…

Also, here’s my latest one hour commission:


Have a look here if you want to commission me. I’ve had to put the basic price up to £25, but this is just to cover p&p and that, I’ll do you an extra couple of minutes to make up for it….

Next on the agenda is my monsters comic, which could happen very soon or never so keep your eyes peeled….POOM!


Selfie/ Newzround


What’s up BP lovers? Long time no blog, but I’ve been getting on with a few bits and pieces. Firstly, here’s my first proper self portrait, commissioned by Bob Turner as part of his comic artists self portraits series . I’m pretty pleased with it, the idea was to represent how I draw, which is basically to hunch over any given surface with a pile of drawings and reference material. This was a one-hour drawing too, so it came together pretty quickly (you too can commission a one-hour drawing from me hereed).

Elsewhere, I did this quick strip called Sandwiches which was apropos of nothing, done mainly because I enjoyed drawing on my new rough sketchpad (Boyes, 49p). It was drawn in brushpen straight onto the page real quick like, which is why it’s a bit rough and the text is a bit wonky, but you get the idea…




Also elsewhere, Ethel Sparrowhawk 3 is coming together slowly but surely, I’m a few pages into it and we’re just finishing the broader story outline which will feature death and dinosaurs as well as awkwardness, betrayal and dinosaurs, so it should be a rollercoaster of fun (also dinosaurs). Here’s a rough pic as a little preview:


There’s also exciting news about Comely Girls afoot, the long overdue follow up to Manly Boys, my collaboration with Gareth Brookes about the brutality of childhood.

And if you’re desperate for BP updates, please follow my tumblr as there’s more updates and randoms on there.

NEWSROUNDDDD- Black Project, Vampires & Custard

Sorry! It’s been a long time since my last post hasn’t it? I’ve been putting (mostly old) stuff on my tumblr, so you should be looking there if you’re desperate for a BP fix, but here’s a few new and current affairs for you.

Firstly, I have to mention banal-pig-vice-president-done-good Gareth Brookes’ first book has been published by Myriad Editions, and a cracker it is too. It’s called The Black Project, and is like no other graphic novel you’ve seen before, painstakingly crafted as it is from an assemblage of linocuts, embroidery and written text.
Needless to say, I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s the amazon page, but you should buy it from a proper book or comic shop if you can…

Nextly, here’s my latest one-hour drawing (actually a 2 and a half hour drawing because of all the elements in it). It was commissioned as a gift so included a load of the things the giftee enjoyed, like Poirot, Labyrinth, vampires, piano lessons and so on and so on.
I’m pretty pleased with it, and as usual always open for similar things, more details here, or email me ( for specifics…

Lastly, here’s another preview of a thing I’m working on, tales of a place called Baked Alaska, and the trials and tribulations of its inhabitants…

Thanks for looking, let’s not leave it so long next time, eh?

Space Wars and Dancing Food


So, here’s another one-hour commission, some dancing food from Ellie Jahnz for her brother Simon, employing my old coloured pencil technique to add a bit of colour in there, and i’m really happy with the results.

Also, here’s my space wars colouring and activity book, as far as i got with it anyway. I had a few weeks last year where i bashed out these pages in a frenzy and then ran out of steam with it. please have a look and let me know what you think..



While I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, I have been beavering away on a few commissions. Here’s the first of two commissions from Bob Turner, a Dr Strange:
And an Incompetent Shark in HD:
Those were a couple of one-hour drawings, and I’m still open for commissions if you’d fancy one to your own particular tastes.
Meanwhile, Ben Matlock asked me to do something a bit more elaborate in celebration of his favourite south american president, Jose Mujica:
I must admit I’d not heard of old Jose before, but he’s a cool guy who donates 90% of his presidential wages to charity.
Anyway, let me know if you’d like something knocking up!