Johnny Lovedad sez:

“Attention Dad lovers! If you’re looking for a great present for your dad for Fathers Day, why not get him a Banal Pig One Hour Drawing for just £20? You could have a drawing of him doing something hilarious, or something that he likes, or something terrible happening to him! Send in your requests by Weds 13th June to be guaranteed of receiving it by Father’s Day on the 17th.”

Good idea Johnny! If you want to discuss anything before making your order, feel free to email me at

Today’s suggest-a-drawings!

I’ve had a free and easy day today, so i decided to throw open the subject matter of my day of drawing to suggestions from facebook and twitter, and here are the results. Firstly, Ethel Sparrowhawk co-creator Jemima Von Schindelberg suggested ‘David Cameron eating a big sandwich while England burns’. I enjoyed drawing Cameron, with his smooth bulbous head and funny little teeth, and i had to stop myself making the sandwich a metaphor for the working classes or something, like they do in political cartoons.

Next, another old pal Ez suggested ‘an Avenger’. i’ve always fancied drawing Scarlett Johansson’s funny face so here it is, where she is black widow in the avengers film.

Next was a suggestion from twitter, @CandyLikesFrogs suggested ‘Jellyfish’, so to mix things up a bit i did a strip, featuring our old pal Laser Skeleton, another one of the old space battles series i first did for the funnies.

next my brother Paul suggested ‘Nick Cave mowing his lawn’, so here it is:

and lastly, @metalblackbird suggested ‘Disney Princess’, and i did it in pen with a bit of colour to mix it up again.

i’ve quite enjoyed knocking these out, i might do it again on a slow day, but if you fancy having something drawn especially for you that you can own, touch and display on your wall, you can get a one-hour drawing for just £20, details here.

LACF Aftermath

So it was the 4th Leeds Alternative Comics Fair on Saturday, and by all accounts (certainly in my opinion) it was the best one so far. We had a great lineup of exhibitors, and a fantastic turnout with loads of people really interested and enthusiastic about what we’re all doing. As usual, co-organiser Hugh Raine has taken a masterful selection of photographs of the event so please look at them if you need evidence- the above photo is also one of Hugh’s. I was selling Christopher Wren for the first time (and made a little display especially), and there was a good response to that, with lots of people buying both the happy and unpleasant endings- there are a few left of the original edition, so go here for ordering details, along with a shonky video demonstrating the unusual format of the comic.
I’ve taken down the April Sale Madness page as promised, so thanks to everyone who took advantage of that, and yesterday i went through all the shop pages on the right hand side to update them and make sure there wasn’t any old weird offers and stuff that i’d forgotten about, and also to put prices up unfortunately. I’m not happy about it, but i’ve had to increase prices by 25p to cover the hike in postage costs (thanks David Cameron you cock), except for the BP Portrait Anthology which i have reduced to clear, and is now only £3 inc p&p. However, if you would like a few comics please email me at as I can work out a discount with the comics being posted together. Don’t forget, i’ve also got poster prints for sale and will do you a nice one-hour drawing of your choice for just £20, an ideal gift for your loved ones.
I also updated my about page, so have a look at that if you like.

Elsewhere, I’ve got a piece in the Star Wars show May the 4th Be with You in Leeds this weekend, so i’m looking forward to that, and i’ve got a table at the Handmade Art and Craft Fair at Wharfe Chambers, Leeds on Sat 12th May.

Star Wars and upcoming things

Here’s a few panels from my piece for the upcoming Star Wars-themed show May the 4th Be With You, it’s watercolour and pen on paper and features some of my favourite random Star Wars characters slagging “you” off for some reason (it kind of makes sense when you see the whole thing)- here’s the pathetic robot bounty hunter IG88 and Bib Fortuna (sorry for the slightly dodgy pic quality- i’ll show it in full after the show). It’ll be for sale for a very reasonable price, and i am also planning to do a digitally coloured poster print from the line art, to be released after the show if there’s demand for it.

As you will hopefully be aware, it’s the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair 4 again a week on Saturday, the 28th April, so please come along and see us, and why not buy my new limited edition Christopher Wren foldy comic, plus posters, badges and the rest of my wonderful back catalogue, along with the new Comix Reader 3?

I will also be peddling wares at the Handmade and Craft Fair in Leeds on May 12th, so it’s a busy couple of weeks for old Stevie T.

And speaking of peddling wares, don’t forget about the CRAZY COMICS SALE until the end of April which has proved quite popular so far, the one hour drawings available for just £20, and my services as animal portraitist, and i’m open for other commissions for extremely reasonable rates so please email me ( for details.

Oh yeah, i’ve started Banal Pig 5 as well, and i’m very excited about it. If only it didnt take so damn long to make comics…

One hour drawing, Falcor!

I’ve updated my Buy a One-Hour Drawing page, to feature a couple more of the ones i’ve done recently. This was a Valentine’s Day present (good work Johnny Loveheart) and features that ugly weird dog dragon thing off Neverending Story, Falcor. Feel free to commission something similar, don’t forget I am as poor as a church mouse, and a small donation would allow me to buy some cabbage to flavour my thin broth…

COMPETITION TIME- win a drawing! also, please buy some products….

Hello friends and pig lovers! Hope you are well, happy new year and all that.

I left my office job yesterday, which means i am now officially a full-time artist. Easy. The only trouble is I need to actually make some money in order to not die of starvation or humiliation. That sounds awful, what, i hear you ask, can I do to help? Well dear friends, charity begins at home, every little helps etc etc so if you have enjoyed my comics or drawings in the past, why not buy another comic or commission some artwork off me?

Specifically, I’ll do you a sweet 1-hour drawing for £2o, anything you like (within reason and the law) what about that? George Orwell riding a flamingo? Easy! Some cartoon character that you like fighting another one? You got it! Drawing fast is one of the skills in my portfolio, why not take advantage? Now, I realise that i don’t necessarily have any examples to show as i have just thought of it, so to demonstrate my capabilities i’m willing to throw it open to the floor/ internet; suggest a subject to me, leave a comment here, email or tweet @banalpig by 6pm on saturday evening (edit: i’ve extended the deadline a bit) and the idea i like best will WIN THAT DRAWING! Gravy!

Watch this space for even more requests for money…