Christmas Shoppe

Compliments of the season to youse all. Here’s a reminder of the things you can buy from me which are all GOOD PRESENT IDEAS*:


Luxury 2-print set of Graphic Short Story Prize nearly-winner:



Super cheap comic dealz:



Nice drawings to look at, discounts for multiple purchases:



Anything you want (decency laws apply) for £25:


Please get your orders in by 17th Dec to ensure Christmas Delivery. Ta!


From Avery Hill:

photo 1




*sorry for yet more advertising.




New Poster & Megabundles!

Hello Pig Lovers!

Firstly, something BRAND NEW, my Street Fighter 2 From Memory Poster, which is available to buy as an A4 or A3 print here:


And you can also get it as part of my Christmas Megabundles deal, where you can have a poster, 2 comics, a sketch and extras for only £12, or 3 comics with lots of extra biz for only a tenner! Here’s a pic, all the details here:


In other major news, Manly Boys and Comely Girls were officially launched by Avery Hill Publishing at Thought Bubble last weekend, which went down really well – thanks to everyone that bought a copy. They look great, and will be IS available to buy from Avery Hill’s website very shortly  NOW!

cgcoverpreview photo 1

Tumblring etc


Yo yo yo! I’ve been putting a selection of pics and strips up on my tumblr recently, including the one above, so please have a look as there may be some stuff you might not have seen before.

Also, if I haven’t made it explicit, my two new posters are available via my poster page, so treat yourself on some, why not?

‘THE MOVIES’ poster in full!


So here it is, my new (A3 sized) poster for ELCAF tomorrow. This is the expanded version of the strip in the latest issue of OFFLife and I tweaked the colours a bit so they’re a bit more subtle. I’ll also have pretty much all my other posters and prints (including the ‘I, Yeti’ prints) plus a brand new print of ‘Please Don’t Confront Me’ which observant Pig Lovers will be familiar with.
Needless to say, I will also have plenty of comics, and will be having a bargain box for older stuff so if you’re in London tomorrow, come and see me (and my bro Gareth Van Brookes, of course) and we’ll sort you right out.

‘The Movies’


So here’s a few panels from my new strip/poster ‘The Movies‘. It’s going to be a 56 panel poster that I’ll have for sale at ELCAF on 22nd June, but I was also asked to do something for the latest OFFLife, so the strip is made up of the 30 panels i’ve finished first. I might change the colour scheme for the poster yet, but i quite like the limited palette- 4 blues, 3 reds and 2 yellows.  More of this later…

Leeds Alternative Comics Fair 5, Christmas Special

It’s been a bit longer than the usual 6 months since the last fair as me and fellow organiser Hugh ‘Shug’ Raine have been a bit distracted with amateur dramatics and pulling out of buying houses amongst other things, but LACF5 is going to take place on the 8th December at the usual venue, A Nation of Shopkeepers. We thought it be a bit different having the fair in the run up to Christmas, and maybe our attendees will be more interested in buying stuff as gifts as well as for themselves, we’ll see, but if it has a similar attendance to last time we’ll be well happy.
I should have some new stuff for it, I will probably make a short comic out of my strip for the Jonathan Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize which I’ve just sent off and I’m very happy with, and I’ve got my vampire story nearly finished which I could easily knock up into a minicomic. I’ll probably also make a print of my ‘Don’t Confront Me‘ picture, and there’s maybe some other things i’ve done recently that would make good poster/prints.
Anyway, It promises to be a goodun so please come down, the facebook group is here, and LACF related tweets are here