Space Wars and Dancing Food


So, here’s another one-hour commission, some dancing food from Ellie Jahnz for her brother Simon, employing my old coloured pencil technique to add a bit of colour in there, and i’m really happy with the results.

Also, here’s my space wars colouring and activity book, as far as i got with it anyway. I had a few weeks last year where i bashed out these pages in a frenzy and then ran out of steam with it. please have a look and let me know what you think..


NEWZROUND- Olympic Special

I’ve had a bit of a break over the last week from most of my endeavours, but just so everyone’s aware of what’s going on:

Space Wars is about a quarter of the way in, here’s a page with MechaGoliath vs Laser Skeleton. I’m still working out some of the finer points of the presentation though.
Banal Pig 5 is also in progress, with 1 completed page and about 12 in progress, and i’ve got a strong idea of what the finished product will be with this one, the question is whether i’ll ever be able to afford to print it…
I’m also planning on entering the Observer/ Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Competition this time around, so I’m working on something for that but i’m keeping the details of that under wraps to prevent any industrial espionage.
Don’t forget to check out my original comic art for sale, along with star wars and other poster prints and I can draw you a one hour pic for £20.

Lastly, i’ve put my copy of the mega-anthology Kramers Ergot Volume 7 on ebay, it’s now out of print and hard to find- why not have a bid?

Newzround- Banal Pig 5 Previews

‘Sup pig lovers? As usual, i’ve got a few things on the boil at the moment- Space Wars, a top secret 4 page full colour strip and Banal Pig 5 (as well as Untitled Ape’s Untitled Adventure, which I get round to when I can), none of which I can afford to print at the moment, but maybe one day. On that subject, I might well have to go back to working for The Man fairly soon as buying a house and earning virtually no money are not very compatible, and we’re buying a house. Anyway, here’s some panels from Banal Pig 5:

They are previews from Fez Man, Irate Robot and Jolly Bear in various states of completeness, i’ve currently got about 12 pages on the go from BP5, but i’ve got a good idea of the shape of the whole thing, which will be a bit different from previous banal pigs as it has an central story arc running through all the strips.

More newz soon, please feel free to commission something or buy stuff from me in the meantime (apologies for these pathetic requests for money, hopefully things will pick up soon and i will regain my dignity).

p.s. not many Star Wars prints left, get yours now if you want one.

p.p.s. sorry again


Newzround- Space Wars

So I was “kraken” on with Banal Pig 5 when i had the idea to do a colouring book pastiche thing, featuring the characters from my sporadic “space wars” series. Here’s a catchup on what i’ve done so far:

so the book will feature all these characters plus a few new ones (including mechagoliath in the top pic, which eagle-eyed pig lovers may have spotted bears more than a passing resemblance to Tinker from BP Showcase), all involved in ferocious battles that never really get anywhere, plus a behind the scenes look at their home planets and lifestyles away from the horrors of war (it will also probably feature the word AIEEE! on every page). it’s inspired by ropey colouring books of the 80’s with pointless narratives and dodgy drawings, like this one:

(image from and you will be able to do the activities and colour it in, but it will also read as a proper comic. so that’s what i’m doing now, until i get another idea and drop it.

elsewhere, i still need money, so please buy my comics, commission a drawing off me, or simply send me a cheque or postal order.