The Shadow, a Vampire and a Monster of the Schwarzwald

Wassup dogs? I seem to be starting a lot more projects than i’m finishing at the moment, probably cos i’m they’re unpaid and i don’t have any deadlines, so i’ll get bored when it gets to the hard bit and move on to something that’s temporarily more exciting. Anyway, the first thing to tell you about is a thing I finished (because I got paid for it), a One Hour Drawing commission from Alan Henderson, who collects drawings of The Shadow, and I was more than happy to supply him with mine. If you want me to do a One Hour Drawing for you, all the details are here, it’s very straightforward. For process fans, here’s the sketch in blue pencil and brown brush pen, followed by the finished article which is mostly done in pentel brush pen.

Next up is a strip about a vampire (cashing in the twilight craze, natch) which I intended to enter into a competition, but i somehow found myself doing it in full colour with watercolours against my will, and it was too much work to make the deadline. it’s currently languishing in a state of two-thirds completeness, but the good news is it will be made into a minicomic for the next con I do, whenever that may be.

Lastly, my next project is a series of pencil drawings of Monsters of the Schwarzwald, featuring picturesque views of the Black Forest in Germany, and the monsters that (probably) live there. I’m really enjoying drawing in pencil, i’ve not done it for ages (not as the finished product anyway). I’m gonna see how these go and whether they might make a nice little book or series of prints or something. This is the nearly-finished version, will probably finish it later today and start another one (picture, not project, got to draw the line somewhere). Draw the line ha ha ha ha ha! See you next time pig lovers!

Covered, etc

in the spirit of the previous posts, here’s another black and white drawing for you, posted here as i like it in black and white, but perhaps lacks a bit of pizazz next to the full colour original. The good news is you can view it in glorious colour over on the magnificent covered blog, where i used a 64-colour cmyk comic colouring grid that i got from somewhere, and it seems that it matches the original pretty well, so i’m gonna use it again to colour my upcoming poster for the 4th Leeds Alternative comics fair, details to follow very soon. I’m also working on an ingenious folding minicomic for LACF4, so i’ll keep you posted on that too.
Elsewhere, i’m back on with Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure and as i’ve got more time in my recently acquired freelance status (gizza job/ some money/ buy a comic or a drawing) and i’m aiming to finish it and hopefully get it published this year, which may be a pipedream as its probably a third of the way through, and it took me a year to get this far, but we’ll see. What’s this blog for if not for me to be hopelessly inaccurate in predicting what i’m doing next?

Winnner! One Hour Drawing Competition

DING DING DING! Andy Lee suggested (amongst others) “banal pig and banal pig jnr prodding passed out homeless goose with a stick”, and that’s what i chose to draw, so he wins this pic, congrats my son! It probably took me just over an hour, the tesco man came and stuff so i had to break off, but this is the kind of thing you would get (the border probably added 3 mins, but makes it look fancy). So-o-o-o, if you would like me to draw something, anything, maybe for a birthday or sutin, there’s now an official page here.

Don’t forget, i am poor and need the money……….

On Comics

I’ve being thinking about my strategy for my comics for a while now, but after my poor showing at Thought Bubble, and other things going on i’ve decided i need to change things up a bit. Everybody with experience of the small press scene knows that there’s virtually no money in it, especially in this day and age, but its still pretty disheartening to look at my accounts for the last year and see that i might as well not have bothered. of course, i dont do it for the money (how many times have i written that on this blog?) and i’m not the greatest businessman in the world, so what am i after then? i have become increasingly envious of people who enjoy their jobs, and definitely need to find a nine to five that’s more in line with my skills portfolio, but that’s by the by. Comics strategy, that’s what i’m on about. i’m going to take a step back from everything for a bit, not worry about the scene and what other people are doing, and try and recharge my appetite for this lovely genre which still hasn’t seen its potential realised. i’m probably gonna do a bit more drawing for drawing’s sake, maybe a bit of painting (the recent posters are possibly evidence of me cheating on comics a bit) and soak up a bit of proper culture, not just off tweets and blogs. Anyway, i’ll still be knocking about, not completely out of the game but maintaining a respectful distance. Hopefully, i’ll be back in the not too distance future with more news of my epic masterpiece, or maybe this post will be the epilogue to this creative endeavour….

hell preview

here’s a little snippet of the page i’m working on which will be next sunday’s page of untitled ape’s epic adventure. i’ve had a lot of fun drawing this and rehashing various paintings of hell, particularly the one by heironimous bosch. keep your eye on banal pig funnnies for the latest episode every* sunday.
*i do my best, there will be a new post for the next 2 sundays at least…



it’s all go here at bphq and i’ll tell you why. firstly, i’ve posted page one of untitled ape’s epic adventure chapter two, and will be back to weekly posts (apart from when i go on holiday in two weeks) for the foreseeable.
as previously mentioned, chris sandwich is finished and is doing good business, so don’t forget to pick one up if you haven’t already- i dropped some in at OK Comics in Leeds, and they should be available at Orbital Comics in London now, and if not now, soon enough.
also brand new, the comix reader issue 2 is also hot off the presses, undoubtedly the best quid (yes, just a quid) you can spend on comics at the moment, another editorial triumph by Richard Cowdry, more details here.

lastly, comical animal, issue 4 is also just been made available online, and i’ve done something for it, the pun lovers guide to the british coastline. you pig lovers will know that i love a good pun, but unfortunately i couldn’t think of any good ones, so there’s seventeen ropey ones on there for you to spot. Richard Bruton has said nice things about it on the FP blog, and hopefully it will take off and be a success for good old Jim Medway.

p.s. the ghosts pic was an unfinished thing i was doing for the zine in a day at the IAPF the other week, i didnt have time to get it done before it went to print. never mind eh?

henry (rude)

here’s a picture of the gormless idiot vacuum “henry”. i did the original image for paul o’ connell’s lyrics anthology he bought me another soda and tried to molest me in a parking lot again as whenever i used this particular henry at my old job, it would always fall over or get tangled up, all the time grinning inanely, to which i would frustratedly utter “motherfucker”. i would then get nimrod’s son by the pixies stuck in my head. i’ve quickly coloured it in as a treat for xmas.