Leeds Alternative Comics Fair 5, Christmas Special

It’s been a bit longer than the usual 6 months since the last fair as me and fellow organiser Hugh ‘Shug’ Raine have been a bit distracted with amateur dramatics and pulling out of buying houses amongst other things, but LACF5 is going to take place on the 8th December at the usual venue, A Nation of Shopkeepers. We thought it be a bit different having the fair in the run up to Christmas, and maybe our attendees will be more interested in buying stuff as gifts as well as for themselves, we’ll see, but if it has a similar attendance to last time we’ll be well happy.
I should have some new stuff for it, I will probably make a short comic out of my strip for the Jonathan Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize which I’ve just sent off and I’m very happy with, and I’ve got my vampire story nearly finished which I could easily knock up into a minicomic. I’ll probably also make a print of my ‘Don’t Confront Me‘ picture, and there’s maybe some other things i’ve done recently that would make good poster/prints.
Anyway, It promises to be a goodun so please come down, the facebook group is here, and LACF related tweets are here

Super Payday BOGOF sale!

That’s right! Because it’s payday and I’m feeling generous, I’ve decided to have a marvellous comic and poster sale FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY- MUST END SUNDAY 2ND SEPT!

There’s only a couple of rules: you pay for the more expensive item (obv) and you can use the deal on any 2 posters or any two comics (or multiples thereof)- because they need to go in the same packet (and a comic won’t go in a postal tube), I can’t mix and match unfortunately, and the pdfs and original art aren’t included- they’re too cheap as it is.

So check out what’s on offer- the posters are here, and there’s even a couple of Star Wars prints left that you could buy, and there’s a load of comics to choose from; What about the adventures of ne’er do well Chris Sandwich, the melancholy Ethel Sparrowhawk or apocalyptic fun with all your pals in Banal Pig Comic #4? My latest comic Christopher Wren- In Search Of Excitement is also available, so you could get both endings for just £3! CRIKEY!

Email me at banalpig@gmail.com with the subject BOGOF and let me know what you’d like and i’ll send you a paypal invoice, or you can just purchase the more expensive item of the two in the normal way and then let me know what else you’d like in the notes. Act now, MUST END SUNDAY!!!

The Shadow, a Vampire and a Monster of the Schwarzwald

Wassup dogs? I seem to be starting a lot more projects than i’m finishing at the moment, probably cos i’m they’re unpaid and i don’t have any deadlines, so i’ll get bored when it gets to the hard bit and move on to something that’s temporarily more exciting. Anyway, the first thing to tell you about is a thing I finished (because I got paid for it), a One Hour Drawing commission from Alan Henderson, who collects drawings of The Shadow, and I was more than happy to supply him with mine. If you want me to do a One Hour Drawing for you, all the details are here, it’s very straightforward. For process fans, here’s the sketch in blue pencil and brown brush pen, followed by the finished article which is mostly done in pentel brush pen.

Next up is a strip about a vampire (cashing in the twilight craze, natch) which I intended to enter into a competition, but i somehow found myself doing it in full colour with watercolours against my will, and it was too much work to make the deadline. it’s currently languishing in a state of two-thirds completeness, but the good news is it will be made into a minicomic for the next con I do, whenever that may be.

Lastly, my next project is a series of pencil drawings of Monsters of the Schwarzwald, featuring picturesque views of the Black Forest in Germany, and the monsters that (probably) live there. I’m really enjoying drawing in pencil, i’ve not done it for ages (not as the finished product anyway). I’m gonna see how these go and whether they might make a nice little book or series of prints or something. This is the nearly-finished version, will probably finish it later today and start another one (picture, not project, got to draw the line somewhere). Draw the line ha ha ha ha ha! See you next time pig lovers!

Covered, etc

in the spirit of the previous posts, here’s another black and white drawing for you, posted here as i like it in black and white, but perhaps lacks a bit of pizazz next to the full colour original. The good news is you can view it in glorious colour over on the magnificent covered blog, where i used a 64-colour cmyk comic colouring grid that i got from somewhere, and it seems that it matches the original pretty well, so i’m gonna use it again to colour my upcoming poster for the 4th Leeds Alternative comics fair, details to follow very soon. I’m also working on an ingenious folding minicomic for LACF4, so i’ll keep you posted on that too.
Elsewhere, i’m back on with Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure and as i’ve got more time in my recently acquired freelance status (gizza job/ some money/ buy a comic or a drawing) and i’m aiming to finish it and hopefully get it published this year, which may be a pipedream as its probably a third of the way through, and it took me a year to get this far, but we’ll see. What’s this blog for if not for me to be hopelessly inaccurate in predicting what i’m doing next?

Winnner! One Hour Drawing Competition

DING DING DING! Andy Lee suggested (amongst others) “banal pig and banal pig jnr prodding passed out homeless goose with a stick”, and that’s what i chose to draw, so he wins this pic, congrats my son! It probably took me just over an hour, the tesco man came and stuff so i had to break off, but this is the kind of thing you would get (the border probably added 3 mins, but makes it look fancy). So-o-o-o, if you would like me to draw something, anything, maybe for a birthday or sutin, there’s now an official page here.

Don’t forget, i am poor and need the money……….