Covered, etc

in the spirit of the previous posts, here’s another black and white drawing for you, posted here as i like it in black and white, but perhaps lacks a bit of pizazz next to the full colour original. The good news is you can view it in glorious colour over on the magnificent covered blog, where i used a 64-colour cmyk comic colouring grid that i got from somewhere, and it seems that it matches the original pretty well, so i’m gonna use it again to colour my upcoming poster for the 4th Leeds Alternative comics fair, details to follow very soon. I’m also working on an ingenious folding minicomic for LACF4, so i’ll keep you posted on that too.
Elsewhere, i’m back on with Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure and as i’ve got more time in my recently acquired freelance status (gizza job/ some money/ buy a comic or a drawing) and i’m aiming to finish it and hopefully get it published this year, which may be a pipedream as its probably a third of the way through, and it took me a year to get this far, but we’ll see. What’s this blog for if not for me to be hopelessly inaccurate in predicting what i’m doing next?

New for Thought Bubble!

here’s another new poster which, all being well, will be available for thought bubble this weekend. it’s the father of science fiction, HG Wells, riding on a pig. I just thought of it the other day, and i fancied drawing it. Along with this and these I’ll have 5 posters for sale in total, which is a new thing for me really but i’m enjoying doing the big images. Also available will be these fine badges below, representing some of my best loved characters (and chris sandwich). i recommend buying the chris sandwich badge, as it will be the collector’s item of the future due to it’s unpopularity at the time of release.

Of course i will be selling a selection of my comics, plus gareth brookes’ masterwork The Black Project and i will be sharing a table with Hugh Shug Raine, which means you may as well not go to any other stand, but you probably still can if you want…

best of the work doodles- oct 2011


apologies for the relative lack of any proper content on here recently, i have been moving house and allsorts. as if to provide a weedy consolation, here’s some of the best doodles from the last few weeks at work. i like to mix it up with 2 or 3 biros to keep things interesting. i did the top one today, and he was just a funny nude man until the addition of the straw hat which turned him into a sympathetic castaway character. maybe there’s a little narrative there? the middle one i call “tense elephant”- i draw a lot of octopi (yes i went there) and elephants, i find them satisfying. lastly, there’s this nice log man. he is possibly reminiscent of something that exists, let me know if you can identify what…

i solemnly swear that i will restart untitled ape’s epic adventure again this week and will at least pop a couple out before thought bubble. i’m ready to get back drawing, might even start tonight.


booom! have a look at these loverly posters by me and hugh for the next leeds alternative comics fair on the 1st october. here’s the facebook page and the blog. it promises to be the best one yet, so write it in your diaries and psion organisers, book your tickets and plan your routes now in readiness.
elsewhere, sorry i havent posted any untitled ape pages recently, i haven’t really been arsed. i’ve been away recently, and got to move and stuff soon, so i’ve had the dreary business of real life to get on with.
i’m thinking about doing some prints of epic scenes featuring beloved bp characters for thought bubble- any suggestions?

hell preview

here’s a little snippet of the page i’m working on which will be next sunday’s page of untitled ape’s epic adventure. i’ve had a lot of fun drawing this and rehashing various paintings of hell, particularly the one by heironimous bosch. keep your eye on banal pig funnnies for the latest episode every* sunday.
*i do my best, there will be a new post for the next 2 sundays at least…