stevo’s great art giveway II- improved and more urgent!

hello again friends!

we’re definitely moving very shortly and i still need to downsize my portfolio of artworks- probably about ten year’s worth- and without an obvious outlet to sell i have decided to give some more of my art away to good homes rather than seeing it go in the bin or worse. all that i ask for is a small handling and postage fee (i’m not paying to give it to you) and you can have it. simple as that. what a credit crunch beating offer! there will be discounts on postage available on multiple requests, please scroll down and have a look. there’s still a few bits and bobs available from last year’s giveaway, so check that out too.

How it works

Sorry, it’s over. We’ve moved. The majority of the below went to good homes, and i’ve kept a few bits. I’ll keep the stuff here though for your viewing “pleasure”, and as always, i am open to commissions, email me at for more details.


Antonelli Kids, watercolour on paper, A2 size, £7.50 p&p


Blue Chihuahuas, enamel on cork tile, 30x30cm, £7.50 p&p


British Bulldog, acrylic on canvas, approx 40x50cm, £10.00p&p


Fez Man Test, etching, enamel on steel, approx 30x40cm £7.50p&p


Fez Man Messy, enamel on steel, approx 25x35cm £7.50 p&p


John, enamel, acrylic on canvas, approx 20x30cm £7.50 p&p


Look Mum, lithographic print, approx A3 £5 p&p TAKEN


Nixon Family, lithographic print, approx A1 £10.00 p&p 1x TAKEN, 2x left


Pink Pig (Wrong), Screenprint, A2, £7.50


Pink Cowboy, Screenprint, A3 size, £5 p&p


Purple Poodle, lithographic print, approx 60x60cm, £10.00 p&p TAKEN


Reagan & Spaniel, lithographic print, approx A1 £10.00 p&p 1 TAKEN, 5 left


Rusty Fish Boy, Enamel, etching and rust on steel, approx 40x50cm, £10.00 p&p


TV Choice, Linocut print, approx A2, £7.50 p&p


Why? Screenprint,  A3 size, £5 p&p TAKEN

Please note prices are for UK only, for outside UK or if you’d like any more info, please email me at

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