Welcome to the banal pig online shop, the next best thing to coming round my house and giving me some cash. all the current banal pig comics are displayed below (and linked on the right), so please click the links for more details. please also have a look at banal pig’s sister comics by gareth brookes over on gareth’s website . if you don’t want to pay by paypal, please email me at and we can make alternative arrangements.

banal pig comic 1

banal pig comic 2

banal pig comic 3

jolly bear and fun coconut summer special number 1

the banal pig portrait anthology

ethel sparrowhawk

jolly bear and fun coconut summer special 2

the banal pig fan club membership pack

banal pig’s funnies book


banal pig comic collected issues 1-3

banal pig number 4

the manly boys annual

the banal pig landscape anthology


Ethel Sparrowhawk’s Terrible Hangover

banal pig’s showcase

chris sandwich summer special

christopher wren

there is also the original artwork from all the comics for sale at very reasonable prices, email me at if you’re interested, or if you have any queries, and i am always open for commissions and all that, so please get in touch.

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