SOLD OUT! The Banal Pig Landscape Anthology

No longer in print, but available in PDF format here!

Following on from The Banal Pig Portrait Anthology in 2007, The Banal Pig Landscape Anthology features words and pictures from the some of the best artists and writers working in the small press medium, in full colour, no less! It contains, in order of appearance:

Landscapes by Stephen Collins

Desert 072: Words by Gemma Cantlow, images by Tom Plaskitt

Fanny Bear by Leigh Andrews;

Harry Lumpkin by Dean Haakenson with Illustrations by Katie Viggers

Nick Dixon does the Countryside by Gareth Brookes

A Better Place by Paul O’Connell

OE 4 ATS by Oliver East

The Amazon River Basin by Patt Kelley

Baby Animals Falling Over by Jim Medway

Untitled Cat meets John Duende and the Spiderbear by Steven Tillotson

Green Fireball by Daniel Locke

Jim the Tough Guy and Where’s Wally? by Mark Pearce

LAST FEW REMAINING-SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £4.50 inc uk p&p! 40 pages, A5 landscape format Full colour throughout £5.50 includes 1st class UK p&p

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