Sold Out! The Banal Pig Fridge Magnet & Minicomic Pack

Here’s a little piece of merchandising I put together for the last web and mini comix thing. Amazingly, there were some left, but alas, they have all gone since the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair.

There’s an exclusive office chair dog minicomic (8 pages in full colour), pictured below, along with a fridge magnet, about A6 size, in a nice little plastic bag with a card top, lovely.

It’s one of those flat, floppy style magnets, and each magnet is different, the one illustrated is our old pals the lovely lads in their “jamaica” skit, and they are mostly three-panel funnies. I’ve tried to give a decent indication which is which below without ruining the jokes.

So, below is a list of the magnets available, please write on the paypal order which one(s) you’d like.

Lovely Lads- Jamaica (pictured)

Congo Bill/ Pea Funnies (2 magnets)

Banal Pig Collected Cover/ Henry F**ker (2 magnets)

Banal Pig Comics Painting/ First Ever Banal Pig Strip (2 magnets)

Crying Dog- Wipe your tears

Office Chair Dog- at Home

Doctor Octopus- Bus Stop Willy

Popexe- looking for a Job

Lovely Lads- Workaholic

Dignity & Impudence

Crying Dog- Fat Mum Crying

How to Skin a Rabbit (Manly Boys)

Untitled Cat- You are not man

Incompetent Shark- We are the champions

sorry! there’s none leftback to shop

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