Another Old Story and more ghost jokes

Mystery Ghost House

Four Teenagers are investigating a mystery. They are in a scary looking house, ripped curtains, cobwebs, dust, broken windows, everything. They split up, which is their first mistake. One of the boys, who has a dog, is left downstairs while the other three, two girls (one attractive, one plain) and the other boy look for clues upstairs.

Time passes. The boy with the dog has stopped looking for clues (he is the least enthusiastic mystery solver of the group) and is sat near the kitchen table, eating a hot dog he has procured from somewhere. He is disgruntled at being left with only a dog for company. The dog also eats a hot dog and then precedes to sniff around. Suddenly, the dog starts barking at something over the boy’s shoulder. He turns around and to see a man in a crude monster costume heading for him. The boy fails to see the gravity of the situation. He is grabbed by the masked figure who easily overpowers him. The boy stumbles in the struggle and as he falls, cuts his head on the edge of the table. He is knocked unconscious. The dog, although large, is not aggressive and clearly disturbed by the scuffle, tries to hide underneath the table. The dog cowers and involuntarily shits.

The costumed man runs upstairs to hunt down the others.

What budget car does a ghost drive? A DaeWOO! Matiz

What luxury car does a ghost drive? A B.M. Double-WOO!

What’s a ghost’s favourite 1980’s soul combo? GHOUL and the gang!

One thought on “Another Old Story and more ghost jokes

  1. mick says:

    I bet, right, that in the next chapter, the plain girl loses her glasses and is virtually blind.Did you hear about the ghost boxer?He was a phantom-weight!


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