Why Don’t You?

Friends, passers-by, on-lookers, greenhorns, bigots, foes, lovers, strangers, ne’er-do-wells, customers, the young-at-heart, gypsies etc. hear this, and mark these words well;

the aforementioned banal pig comics, jolly bear summer special and their sister publication man man and friends number 1 are now available at lit + neon, a fine boutique-cum-art-cum-music shoppe just off brick lane in shoreditch, east london.

Furthermore, these fine tomes are also available at Gosh Comics, Great Russell Street and the BookArtBookshop, Shoreditch (both London), Travelling Man in Bristol and Leeds, and other shops to be confirmed shortly.

i greatly appreciate all comments and critiques, any acts of support and of course purchases, so please check out these shops if you can, or check out the myspace and website linked on the right.

Thanks for listening pals,

C U Next Time xxxxx

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